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When I left Google
Jeff_Kaufman · 2021-02-28T21:40:00.565Z · comments (None)
EA Organization Updates: January 2021
Aaron Gertler (aarongertler) · 2021-02-28T21:30:04.557Z · comments (None)
[question] What are the effects of considering that (human) morality emerges from evolutionary and other functional pressures?
acristia · 2021-02-28T19:35:32.158Z · answers+comments (2)
[question] Should I transition from economics to AI research?
EAguy · 2021-02-28T19:09:06.448Z · answers+comments (5)
Solving the moral cluelessness problem with Bayesian joint probability distributions
ben.smith · 2021-02-28T09:17:58.459Z · comments (None)
[question] Donating handmade crafts?
warrenjordan · 2021-02-28T04:53:54.188Z · answers+comments (None)
Detailed notes on 20 EA-relevant/recommended books
Calvin_Baker · 2021-02-27T17:09:02.991Z · comments (None)
Are you working on a social cause but struggling to build the fund or following?
richaparikh9@gmail.com · 2021-02-26T19:10:27.158Z · comments (None)
EA Updates for March 2021
DavidNash · 2021-02-26T11:35:31.739Z · comments (1)
Some preliminaries and a claim
Milan_Griffes · 2021-02-25T20:32:23.204Z · comments (33)
Alice Crary's philosophical-institutional critique of EA: "Why one should not be an effective altruist"
ben.smith · 2021-02-25T20:06:02.045Z · comments (6)
[link] Superforecasting in a nutshell
lukeprog · 2021-02-25T06:11:28.886Z · comments (2)
Google's ethics is alarming
len.hoang.lnh (len-hoang-lnh) · 2021-02-25T05:57:04.598Z · comments (4)
Mentorship, Management, and Mysterious Old Wizards
Raemon · 2021-02-24T21:58:52.241Z · comments (2)
AMA: Lewis Bollard, Open Philanthropy
LewisBollard · 2021-02-24T18:02:56.231Z · comments (118)
[link] Dutch anti-trust regulator bans pro-animal welfare chicken cartel
Dale · 2021-02-24T15:44:47.768Z · comments (9)
[question] How do ideas travel from academia to the world: any advice on what to read?
dominicroser · 2021-02-24T15:27:36.473Z · answers+comments (3)
[link] Be Specific About Your Career
Mark Xu · 2021-02-24T07:24:42.219Z · comments (5)
[link] Apply for funding from ACE movement grants
Animal Charity Evaluators (AnimalCharityEvaluators) · 2021-02-23T21:43:21.908Z · comments (None)
Would an interactive table help you to make donation decisions or understand the EA charity space better? If so, what filters would you want?
lukefreeman · 2021-02-23T06:04:49.197Z · comments (2)
Review: "Why It's OK To Ignore Politics" by Christopher Freiman
kbog · 2021-02-23T05:38:39.977Z · comments (None)
Some EA Forum Posts I'd like to write
Linch · 2021-02-23T05:27:26.992Z · comments (9)
Join our collaboration for high quality EA outreach events (OFTW + GWWC + EA Community)
jlewars · 2021-02-23T02:49:02.960Z · comments (3)
[link] The link between surveillance and free expression | Sunyshore
evelynciara · 2021-02-23T02:14:49.084Z · comments (None)
Why I find longtermism hard, and what keeps me motivated
Michelle_Hutchinson · 2021-02-22T23:01:47.312Z · comments (5)
Choose 10^x Projects and Execute
Lars Mennen · 2021-02-22T09:14:48.171Z · comments (None)
What I learned from working at GiveWell
Ben_Kuhn · 2021-02-22T06:31:21.960Z · comments (None)
Resources On Mental Health And Finding A Therapist
lynettebye · 2021-02-22T03:31:47.506Z · comments (7)
Two types of deference
Joe_Carlsmith · 2021-02-22T03:27:32.368Z · comments (None)
Interview with Tom Chivers: “AI is a plausible existential risk, but it feels as if I’m in Pascal’s mugging”
felix.h · 2021-02-21T13:41:23.844Z · comments (1)
A ranked list of all EA-relevant documentaries, movies, and TV series I've watched
BrianTan · 2021-02-21T11:00:26.634Z · comments (8)
I Ran a Forecasting Tournament at an EA Retreat. Here's What Happened.
Hamish Huggard · 2021-02-20T05:55:08.861Z · comments (3)
Apply Now to the EA Fellowship Weekend! (March 26-28)
mellertson · 2021-02-20T00:27:28.343Z · comments (None)
Why EA groups should not use “Effective Altruism” in their name.
KoenSchoen · 2021-02-19T22:00:57.131Z · comments (21)
Experientialist Theories of Well-Being
andzuck · 2021-02-19T20:26:51.941Z · comments (None)
Forecasting Prize Results
NunoSempere · 2021-02-19T19:07:11.379Z · comments (5)
Assessing Climate Change’s Contribution to Global Catastrophic Risk
HaydnBelfield · 2021-02-19T16:26:41.595Z · comments (5)
Running an AMA on the EA Forum
Aaron Gertler (aarongertler) · 2021-02-18T01:44:31.077Z · comments (10)
Pandemic Network Radar: A New Solution for the Tragedy of the Commons, with Po-Shen Loh — What EAs can do
ChrisLakin · 2021-02-18T01:42:39.429Z · comments (None)
[question] How can non-biologists contribute to wild animal welfare?
evelynciara · 2021-02-17T20:58:44.034Z · answers+comments (9)
Campaign to protect 0.7% of UK GNI for global poor.
Natasha · 2021-02-17T18:42:47.420Z · comments (2)
[link] Animal Advocacy Careers 2021 Plans and 2020 Review
lauren_mee · 2021-02-17T13:32:44.263Z · comments (2)
Rational altruism and risk aversion
Stijn · 2021-02-17T12:33:21.935Z · comments (None)
In defense of a "statistical" life
GHuang · 2021-02-17T10:38:23.180Z · comments (1)
A ranked list of all EA-relevant (audio)books I've read
MichaelA · 2021-02-17T10:18:59.900Z · comments (53)
Project Ideas in Biosecurity for EAs
Davidmanheim · 2021-02-16T21:01:44.588Z · comments (12)
Second Citizenships, Residencies, and/or Temporary Relocation
Josh Jacobson (joshjacobson) · 2021-02-16T19:23:50.745Z · comments (2)
[ Transcript ] - Campaign for Social Science Annual SAGE Lecture 2020 by Prof. Trish Greenhalgh
Matt g · 2021-02-16T16:03:12.866Z · comments (None)
EA Forum Prize: Winners for December 2020
Aaron Gertler (aarongertler) · 2021-02-16T08:46:30.444Z · comments (1)
The Troubling Ethics of Writing (A Speech from Ancient Sumer)
Cullen_OKeefe · 2021-02-15T20:17:36.979Z · comments (1)
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