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[question] Can we convince people to work on AI safety without convincing them about AGI happening this century?
BrianTan · 2020-11-26T14:46:28.241Z · answers+comments (None)
Effektiv Spenden - Fundraising and 2021 Plans
Sebastian Schwiecker (EA-Basti) · 2020-11-26T14:36:46.940Z · comments (None)
[question] If someone identifies as a longtermist, should they donate to Founders Pledge's top climate charities than to GiveWell's top charities?
BrianTan · 2020-11-26T07:54:53.479Z · answers+comments (12)
Prepare for Counterfactual Donation Matching on Giving Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020
Gina_Stuessy · 2020-11-25T21:08:28.977Z · comments (None)
Helping future researchers to better understand long-term forecasting
gabriel_wagner · 2020-11-25T18:55:01.084Z · comments (None)
Effective Thesis seeks a project manager
DavidJanku · 2020-11-25T15:47:50.232Z · comments (2)
Rethink Priorities 2020 Impact and 2021 Strategy
Marcus_A_Davis · 2020-11-25T13:28:27.710Z · comments (6)
[question] How can I do the most good with my 3D printer?
warrenjordan · 2020-11-25T04:43:49.991Z · answers+comments (2)
[link] Open forum with ACE Top Charity Wild Animal Initiative: Wednesday, 7PM EST
Wild_Animal_Initiative · 2020-11-25T02:10:55.883Z · comments (None)
[link] Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) released their 2020 recommendations (with Wild Animal Initiative added to their top charities)
lukefreeman · 2020-11-25T00:26:05.158Z · comments (None)
3-hour podcast about the meta-ethics of utilitarianism and much else with philosopher Torbjörn Tännsjö
Gus Docker · 2020-11-24T17:25:51.856Z · comments (None)
Proposal for managing community requests on the forum
EdoArad (edoarad) · 2020-11-24T11:14:18.168Z · comments (5)
Competitive Ethics
mwcvitkovic · 2020-11-24T01:00:31.945Z · comments (4)
[question] Personality traits associated with being involved in EA?
jessica_mccurdy · 2020-11-23T23:33:40.076Z · answers+comments (1)
Uncorrelated Investments for Altruists
MichaelDickens · 2020-11-23T23:03:23.933Z · comments (2)
If Causes Differ Astronomically in Cost-Effectiveness, Then Personal Fit In Career Choice Is Unimportant
MichaelDickens · 2020-11-23T22:47:32.514Z · comments (9)
[question] Oxford college choice from EA perspective?
wuschel · 2020-11-23T15:38:51.599Z · answers+comments (5)
Our recommendations for giving in 2020
GiveWell · 2020-11-23T15:11:45.878Z · comments (None)
[question] Where are you donating in 2020 and why?
MichaelA · 2020-11-23T08:47:06.681Z · answers+comments (32)
[question] What is the marginal impact of a small donation to an EA Fund?
evelynciara · 2020-11-23T07:09:02.934Z · answers+comments (3)
EA Organization Updates: October 2020
Aaron Gertler (aarongertler) · 2020-11-22T20:37:13.225Z · comments (None)
Predicting the Value of Small Altruistic Projects: A Proof of Concept Experiment.
NunoSempere · 2020-11-22T20:07:57.499Z · comments (None)
[question] Have You Been Maintaining Your Healthy Core Four?
Prof.Weird · 2020-11-22T11:37:54.290Z · answers+comments (None)
Int'l agreements to spend % of GDP on global public goods
HaukeHillebrandt · 2020-11-22T10:33:39.039Z · comments (1)
[question] Infohazards: The Future Is Disbelieving Facts?
Prof.Weird · 2020-11-22T07:26:04.395Z · answers+comments (None)
[question] Needed: Volunteer forecasters for Fish Welfare Initiative
haven · 2020-11-21T19:15:06.434Z · answers+comments (2)
[question] What music do you find most inspires you to use your resources (effectively) to help others?
So-Low Growth · 2020-11-21T13:54:35.910Z · answers+comments (5)
[link] AGI Predictions
Pablo_Stafforini · 2020-11-21T12:02:35.158Z · comments (None)
Interrogating Impact
SebastianSchmidt · 2020-11-21T11:16:50.363Z · comments (6)
[question] Should EA Use Gamification for Fundraising/Volunteering?
Prof.Weird · 2020-11-21T06:55:43.974Z · answers+comments (None)
The effect of cash transfers on subjective well-being and mental health
JoelMcGuire · 2020-11-20T18:12:04.570Z · comments (7)
Persuasion Tools: AI takeover without AGI or agency?
kokotajlod · 2020-11-20T16:56:52.687Z · comments (1)
[question] What good are you doing today?
Prof.Weird · 2020-11-20T14:39:57.716Z · answers+comments (None)
Learnings about literature review strategy from research practice sessions
alexlintz · 2020-11-20T08:35:44.698Z · comments (5)
[link] GiveWell have released their 2020 recommendations (including a new top charity)
lukefreeman · 2020-11-19T23:18:22.979Z · comments (1)
ALLFED 2020 Highlights
AronM · 2020-11-19T22:06:36.654Z · comments (None)
Announcing AI Safety Support
Linda Linsefors · 2020-11-19T20:19:58.031Z · comments (None)
Questions for Peter Singer's fireside chat in EAGxAPAC this weekend
Wanyi · 2020-11-19T12:34:34.738Z · comments (4)
Questions for Will MacAskill's fireside chat in EAGxAPAC this weekend
Bridget_Williams · 2020-11-19T12:16:54.485Z · comments (1)
Review of FHI's Summer Research Fellowship 2020
rosehadshar · 2020-11-19T11:32:03.919Z · comments (1)
[question] How to best address Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)?
Jonas Vollmer · 2020-11-19T09:15:27.271Z · answers+comments (13)
[link] Animal product alternatives for-profit roles spot-check
Jamie_Harris · 2020-11-19T07:31:35.113Z · comments (None)
Make a Public Commitment to Writing EA Forum Posts
Neel Nanda · 2020-11-18T18:23:11.468Z · comments (9)
The Case for Space: A Longtermist Alternative to Existential Threat Reduction
Giga · 2020-11-18T13:09:03.575Z · comments (5)
[question] What quotes do you find most inspire you to use your resources (effectively) to help others?
lukefreeman · 2020-11-18T06:46:53.385Z · answers+comments (35)
[question] Is EA too theoretical? Can we reward practicality?
Prof.Weird · 2020-11-17T23:07:53.236Z · answers+comments (None)
Re-Launching Giving Green: an EA-run organization directing dollars towards impactful work in climate change
Dan Stein (daniel.stein@idinsight.org) · 2020-11-17T19:06:06.171Z · comments (2)
Binary prediction database and tournament
amandango · 2020-11-17T18:09:57.034Z · comments (None)
Questions for Nick Beckstead's fireside chat in EAGxAPAC this weekend
BrianTan · 2020-11-17T15:05:24.154Z · comments (15)
[question] What are some EA projects for students to do?
EmmaAbele · 2020-11-17T12:47:48.200Z · answers+comments (7)
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