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Translations (the Portuguese experience)
Jose Oliveira (JoseOliveira) · 2022-10-04T09:43:23.493Z · comments (None)
North Oakland LW - October 11th
Czynski · 2022-10-04T05:31:53.037Z · comments (None)
An opportunity to test Improving institutional decision-making
Robp125 · 2022-10-04T04:40:54.748Z · comments (1)
[link] Does Effective Altruism Cater to Women?
bessieodell · 2022-10-04T04:40:43.528Z · comments (3)
Humans aren't fitness maximizers
So8res · 2022-10-04T01:32:26.651Z · comments (1)
Air Pollution: Founders Pledge Cause Report
Tom Barnes (22tom) · 2022-10-03T23:52:04.883Z · comments (None)
Longtermists should take climate change very seriously
Nir Eyal · 2022-10-03T18:33:43.294Z · comments (2)
Samotsvety Nuclear Risk update October 2022
NunoSempere · 2022-10-03T18:10:42.477Z · comments (16)
This post is a Work-In-Progress
Nathan Young (nathan) · 2022-10-03T15:44:28.615Z · comments (3)
Briefly, the life of Tetsu Nakamura (1946-2019)
Emrik · 2022-10-03T15:44:19.556Z · comments (1)
Why don't people post on the Forum? Some anecdotes
Vaidehi Agarwalla (vaidehi_agarwalla) · 2022-10-03T15:06:48.175Z · comments (11)
Maybe housing is not our biggest issue
Ramiro · 2022-10-03T12:34:48.070Z · comments (1)
[link] Announcing Amplify creative grants
finm · 2022-10-03T10:31:25.078Z · comments (3)
Tony Blair Institute - Compute for AI Index ( Seeking a Supplier)
TomWestgarth · 2022-10-03T10:25:20.881Z · comments (5)
Call to Action: Help your high school gain sponsorship to run a charity election
Adam Steinberg · 2022-10-03T08:24:57.801Z · comments (1)
To those who contributed to Carrick Flynn in Oregon CD-6 - Please help now
Carol Greenough · 2022-10-03T00:21:24.838Z · comments (15)
Easy fixing Voting
Raphaël S (charbel-raphael-segerie) · 2022-10-02T17:03:20.229Z · comments (None)
EA Serbia is now launching!
Dušan D. Nešić (Dushan) · 2022-10-02T16:48:02.025Z · comments (5)
[question] Why does AGI occur almost nowhere, not even just as a remark for economic/political models?
Franziska Fischer · 2022-10-02T14:43:40.009Z · answers+comments (16)
Against the weirdness heuristic
Eleni_A (eangelou) · 2022-10-02T14:06:56.108Z · comments (None)
Any further work on AI Safety Success Stories?
Krieger · 2022-10-02T11:59:12.608Z · comments (None)
[question] Questions on databases of AI Risk estimates
Froolow · 2022-10-02T09:12:26.287Z · answers+comments (5)
Request for feedback on sample blurbs for the EA fantasy novel I wrote
timunderwood · 2022-10-02T09:02:11.707Z · comments (None)
Funds to fight climate change
Alan Coumans · 2022-10-02T05:32:53.564Z · comments (2)
Against longtermism: a care-centric approach?
Aron P · 2022-10-02T05:00:26.310Z · comments (3)
On Artificial General Intelligence: Asking the Right Questions
Heather Douglas · 2022-10-02T05:00:14.659Z · comments (5)
Global life satisfaction distribution
Vasco Grilo (vascoamaralgrilo) · 2022-10-01T15:39:15.613Z · comments (None)
Strange Love - Developing Empathy With Intention (or: How I Learned To Stop Calculating And Love The Cause)
EdoArad (edoarad) · 2022-10-01T14:03:50.740Z · comments (2)
What I learned from the criticism contest
Gavin (technicalities) · 2022-10-01T13:39:15.782Z · comments (28)
Google could build a conscious AI in three months
Derek Shiller · 2022-10-01T13:24:10.709Z · comments (16)
EA may look like a cult (and it's not just optics)
nadavb · 2022-10-01T13:07:35.643Z · comments (16)
Monthly Overload of EA - October 2022
DavidNash · 2022-10-01T12:32:12.484Z · comments (None)
A mathematical framework for competing x-risks
Mohammad Ismam Huda · 2022-10-01T11:36:38.710Z · comments (None)
[link] EA is Not Religious Enough (EA should emulate peak Quakerism)
Lawrence Newport · 2022-10-01T10:55:54.638Z · comments (10)
Effecting value change by secularising religion and founding EA-aligned creative media company
Robert Nenninger · 2022-10-01T10:06:29.300Z · comments (None)
[question] Female effective altruists (ideally with research/action in development economics) to suggest for a colloquium talk?
acristia · 2022-10-01T09:51:31.039Z · answers+comments (8)
[question] Effectiveness of Malala fund versus Global Health and Development Fund
Joseph Gardi · 2022-10-01T02:35:45.033Z · answers+comments (2)
Winners of the EA Criticism and Red Teaming Contest
Lizka · 2022-10-01T01:50:09.257Z · comments (37)
Announcing the AI Safety Nudge Competition to Help Beat Procrastination
Marc Carauleanu (marc) · 2022-10-01T01:49:22.976Z · comments (None)
Small improvements for university group organizers
jskatt (jakubkraus07@gmail.com) · 2022-09-30T20:09:54.127Z · comments (None)
EAG DC: Meta-Bottlenecks in Preventing AI Doom
Joseph Bloom · 2022-09-30T17:53:21.343Z · comments (None)
7 learnings from 3 years running a corporate EA Group
Conor McGurk · 2022-09-30T16:03:20.806Z · comments (2)
"A Creepy Feeling": Nixon's Decision to Disavow Biological Weapons
ThomasW (ThomasWoodside) · 2022-09-30T15:17:40.384Z · comments (3)
Scattered Takes and Unsolicited Advice (new ones added to the top)
ChanaMessinger · 2022-09-30T15:10:25.273Z · comments (None)
Transparency for improving weird feelings around community building
ChanaMessinger · 2022-09-30T15:09:32.701Z · comments (3)
About going to a hub
ChanaMessinger · 2022-09-30T15:08:00.145Z · comments (1)
List of donation opportunities (focus: non-US longtermist policy work)
weeatquince · 2022-09-30T14:32:34.115Z · comments (1)
Database of EA-relevant US policy fellowships
US Policy Careers (Locke_USA) · 2022-09-30T14:04:17.152Z · comments (None)
High Impact Professionals Will Help Fill Open Roles at Your EA Org
High Impact Professionals · 2022-09-30T13:17:33.035Z · comments (None)
Cost-effectiveness of iron fortification in India is lower than GiveWell's estimates
Akash Kulgod · 2022-09-30T12:50:18.032Z · comments (None)
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