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Nick Bostrom: An Introduction [early draft]
peterhartree (Peter_Hartree) · 2021-07-31T17:04:20.991Z · comments (None)
[link] My Path towards Veganism
Erich_Grunewald · 2021-07-31T16:12:42.516Z · comments (None)
EA Organization Updates: July 2021
Aaron Gertler (aarongertler) · 2021-07-31T12:20:09.509Z · comments (None)
EA Medicine Network
jushy (sanjush) · 2021-07-30T19:46:03.781Z · comments (1)
Effective Thesis is hiring for the Head of Coaching
DavidJanku · 2021-07-30T17:03:09.042Z · comments (None)
[link] Announcing our 2021 ACE Movement Grants
Animal Charity Evaluators (AnimalCharityEvaluators) · 2021-07-30T07:00:00.000Z · comments (None)
Global Health Innovation Incentives, Patent Trolls, and Evergreening: Discussion of Subtopics within US Patent Policy
schethik · 2021-07-30T05:40:35.465Z · comments (None)
[link] Stephen Fry narrating a video on effective altruism, explaining the cause-prioritisation framework while giving us the appropriate emotional response to helping others
lukefreeman · 2021-07-30T03:32:54.465Z · comments (3)
Consider canceling your WiFi
Kevin Kuruc · 2021-07-29T20:19:42.114Z · comments (2)
Matt Levine on the Archegos failure
Kelsey Piper · 2021-07-29T19:36:25.432Z · comments (4)
EA Survey 2020: Cause Prioritization
David_Moss · 2021-07-29T18:06:04.161Z · comments (8)
Tom Moynihan on why prior generations missed some of the biggest priorities of all
80000_Hours · 2021-07-29T16:38:48.821Z · comments (None)
Max Roser on building the world's first great source of COVID-19 data at Our World in Data
80000_Hours · 2021-07-29T16:37:58.361Z · comments (1)
Pardis Sabeti on the Sentinel system for detecting and stopping pandemics
80000_Hours · 2021-07-29T16:36:57.866Z · comments (None)
Writing about my job: Research Fellow, FHI
rgb · 2021-07-29T13:53:50.082Z · comments (3)
[question] How to assign numerical values to individual welfare?
Frank_R · 2021-07-29T13:52:19.322Z · answers+comments (2)
Is effective altruism growing? An update on the stock of funding vs. people
Benjamin_Todd · 2021-07-29T11:47:26.747Z · comments (28)
[link] CEA Update: Q2 2021
MaxDalton (Maxdalton) · 2021-07-29T09:14:39.895Z · comments (3)
[link] GWWC July 2021 Newsletter
lukefreeman · 2021-07-29T05:24:00.664Z · comments (None)
[link] Member motivations survey: Why people pledged to give 10% of their income to effective charities
lukefreeman · 2021-07-29T05:04:29.687Z · comments (None)
Our plan to share "PR FAQs" for new Forum features
Ben_West · 2021-07-29T04:10:26.253Z · comments (None)
EA Forum Prize: Winners for April 2021
Aaron Gertler (aarongertler) · 2021-07-29T01:12:38.937Z · comments (None)
Writing about my job: Economics Professor
Kevin Kuruc · 2021-07-28T19:41:29.448Z · comments (7)
Workshops to Improve Institutional Decision-Making in Government
Jan-WillemvanPutten · 2021-07-28T17:39:39.474Z · comments (None)
Towards a longtermist framework for evaluating democracy-related interventions
22tom · 2021-07-28T13:23:13.159Z · comments (2)
[link] ACE Movement Grants: 2020 Grantee Updates
Animal Charity Evaluators (AnimalCharityEvaluators) · 2021-07-28T07:00:00.000Z · comments (None)
[question] How to reach out to orgs en masse?
LindaMartin · 2021-07-27T19:57:02.313Z · answers+comments (10)
[link] DeepMind: Generally capable agents emerge from open-ended play
kokotajlod · 2021-07-27T19:35:08.662Z · comments (10)
[question] Database dumps of the EA Forum
evelynciara · 2021-07-27T19:19:15.438Z · answers+comments (2)
Decreasing populism and improving democracy, evidence-based policy, and rationality
HaukeHillebrandt · 2021-07-27T18:14:51.484Z · comments (6)
Digital People FAQ
Holden Karnofsky (HoldenKarnofsky) · 2021-07-27T17:19:59.605Z · comments (3)
Digital People Would Be An Even Bigger Deal
Holden Karnofsky (HoldenKarnofsky) · 2021-07-27T17:19:41.500Z · comments (9)
[Job Posting] Operations Generalist at Farmed Animal Funders
kierangreig · 2021-07-27T14:47:07.543Z · comments (None)
[3-hour podcast]: Joseph Carlsmith on longtermism, utopia, the computational power of the brain, meta-ethics, illusionism and meditation
Gus Docker · 2021-07-27T13:18:55.443Z · comments (2)
[link] Narration: Improving the EA-aligned research pipeline: Sequence introduction
D0TheMath · 2021-07-27T00:56:24.921Z · comments (1)
AMA: The new Open Philanthropy Technology Policy Fellowship
lukeprog · 2021-07-26T15:11:50.661Z · comments (6)
80,000 Hours is looking for a copy editor
Sofia_Fogel · 2021-07-26T14:10:59.108Z · comments (None)
An evaluation of Mind Ease, an anti-anxiety app
HaukeHillebrandt · 2021-07-26T11:35:30.500Z · comments (4)
A Twitter bot that tweets high impact jobs
nikos · 2021-07-26T10:16:00.395Z · comments (4)
[link] Our thinking on our recommendation of Wild Animal Initiative
Animal Charity Evaluators (AnimalCharityEvaluators) · 2021-07-26T10:08:40.498Z · comments (None)
A spreadsheet with titles and links for over 1900 YouTube EA videos
Peterslattery · 2021-07-26T02:05:00.418Z · comments (4)
‘High-hanging Fruits’ and Coordination
EdisonY · 2021-07-25T15:46:43.765Z · comments (3)
Part 2: The advantages of agencies
Arepo · 2021-07-25T13:04:34.488Z · comments (2)
Part 4: Intra-organizational and non-tech agencies
Arepo · 2021-07-25T13:03:50.149Z · comments (7)
Part 3: Comparing agency organisational models
Arepo · 2021-07-25T13:03:28.698Z · comments (9)
Part 1: EA tech work is inefficiently allocated & bad for technical career capital
Arepo · 2021-07-25T13:03:07.733Z · comments (11)
A Twitter Bot that regularly tweets current top posts from the EA Forum
nikos · 2021-07-25T09:15:47.804Z · comments (7)
Testing Newport's "Digital Minimalism" at CEEALAR
Kurt Brown · 2021-07-25T08:30:38.590Z · comments (5)
[question] Are there fictional books (novels, poetry, comics) on an EA?
newptcai · 2021-07-25T05:30:39.312Z · answers+comments (10)
[link] Narration: The case against “EA cause areas”
D0TheMath · 2021-07-24T20:39:52.632Z · comments (5)
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