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Where I'm giving and why: Tom Ash
Tom_Ash · 2014-01-28T15:37:53.000Z · comments (5)
[link] Carl Shulman – What portion of a boost to global GDP goes to the poor?
tessa · 2014-01-24T01:15:56.276Z · comments (4)
Notes on GiveWell's recommended charities
pappubahry · 2014-01-19T05:18:08.000Z · comments (None)
[link] Brian Tomasik – Reasons to Be Nice to Other Value Systems
tessa · 2014-01-17T00:28:12.101Z · comments (None)
[link] Returns to Life Sciences Funding
Holden Karnofsky (HoldenKarnofsky) · 2014-01-15T13:37:03.147Z · comments (None)
[link] Exploring Life Sciences Funding
Holden Karnofsky (HoldenKarnofsky) · 2014-01-07T13:34:35.536Z · comments (None)
[link] Another critique of effective altruism
EA Handbook (EA Fellowship) · 2014-01-05T08:00:00.000Z · comments (None)
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