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Agricultural research and development
David_Goll · 2014-07-30T21:38:04.000Z · comments (None)
[link] Scott Alexander — Meditations on Moloch
JP Addison (jpaddison) · 2014-07-30T14:09:10.461Z · comments (1)
How to treat problems of unknown difficulty
Owen_Cotton-Barratt · 2014-07-30T02:57:26.000Z · comments (None)
Ben Kuhn on the effective altruist movement
admin3 · 2014-07-23T07:53:39.000Z · comments (None)
Audio recordings from Good Done Right available online
Andreas_Mogensen · 2014-07-18T22:42:35.000Z · comments (1)
'Special Projects' at the Centre for Effective Altruism
Niel_Bowerman · 2014-07-07T15:47:40.000Z · comments (None)
The timing of labour aimed at reducing existential risk
Toby_Ord2 · 2014-07-04T04:08:24.000Z · comments (6)
[link] The Moral Value of the Far Future
Holden Karnofsky (HoldenKarnofsky) · 2014-07-03T12:43:57.739Z · comments (None)
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