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[link] Why donate to (scientific) research?
HaukeHillebrandt · 2018-10-29T11:13:25.026Z · comments (None)
Reducing existential risks or wild animal suffering?
[deleted] · 2018-10-28T09:51:47.419Z · comments (25)
[link] Why Do Small Donors Give Now, But Large Donors Give Later?
MichaelDickens · 2018-10-28T01:51:56.710Z · comments (2)
Announcing new EA Funds management teams
MarekDuda · 2018-10-27T08:48:11.774Z · comments (24)
[link] Max Dalton and Jonas Vollmer: How to avoid accidentally having a negative impact with your project
EA Global (The Centre for Effective Altruism) · 2018-10-26T22:20:00.000Z · comments (None)
[link] Will MacAskill, Rossa O'Keeffe-O'Donovan, & Andreas Mogensen: Global Priorities Insitute's 2018 goals and research
EA Global (The Centre for Effective Altruism) · 2018-10-26T08:37:41.095Z · comments (None)
[link] Aaron Hamlin: The plurality pandemic
EA Global (The Centre for Effective Altruism) · 2018-10-26T08:36:44.641Z · comments (None)
[link] Rose Hadshar: From the Neolithic Revolution to the far future
EA Global (The Centre for Effective Altruism) · 2018-10-26T08:35:43.046Z · comments (None)
[link] Mitch Riley: A/B testing foreign aid
EA Global (The Centre for Effective Altruism) · 2018-10-26T08:35:01.600Z · comments (None)
Announcing: "Lets-Fund.org: High-Impact Crowdfunding campaigns" & "Let's Fund #1: A (small) scientific Revolution"
HaukeHillebrandt · 2018-10-25T21:22:14.605Z · comments (7)
A Happiness Manifesto: Why and How Effective Altruism Should Rethink its Approach to Maximising Human Welfare
MichaelPlant · 2018-10-25T15:48:03.377Z · comments (33)
Mind Ease: a promising new mental health intervention
PeterBrietbart · 2018-10-23T17:34:31.200Z · comments (8)
Thoughts on short timelines
Tobias_Baumann · 2018-10-23T15:59:41.415Z · comments (15)
Lessons from giving lectures and career workshops in the Netherlands
Alje · 2018-10-23T09:50:41.933Z · comments (0)
Book Review: Enlightenment Now, by Steven Pinker
Aaron Gertler (aarongertler) · 2018-10-21T23:12:43.485Z · comments (6)
Keeping Absolutes in Mind
Michelle_Hutchinson · 2018-10-21T22:40:49.160Z · comments (9)
Is Suffering Convex?
Davidmanheim · 2018-10-21T11:44:48.259Z · comments (16)
On Becoming World-Class
Aaron Gertler (aarongertler) · 2018-10-19T01:35:18.898Z · comments (7)
Open beta of the new EA Forum now available
Julia_Wise · 2018-10-18T02:59:49.556Z · comments (11)
EA Survey 2018 Series: Distribution and Analysis Methodology
laurenwhetstone · 2018-10-18T02:06:18.576Z · comments (1)
Suggestions for developing national-level effective altruism organizations
Jan_Kulveit · 2018-10-17T23:35:37.241Z · comments (7)
Why develop national-level effective altruism organizations?
Jan_Kulveit · 2018-10-17T23:29:44.203Z · comments (1)
Open Thread #42
Milan_Griffes · 2018-10-17T20:10:00.472Z · comments (21)
Forum moving to open beta this week
Julia_Wise · 2018-10-15T21:24:30.107Z · comments (4)
Wild Animal Welfare Literature Library: Original Research and Cause Prioritization
Evan_Gaensbauer · 2018-10-15T20:28:10.896Z · comments (3)
Wild Animal Welfare Literature Library: Consciousness and Ecology
Evan_Gaensbauer · 2018-10-15T20:24:57.674Z · comments (4)
Vox has a new department, Future Perfect, covering the world from an effective altruist perspective
Kelsey Piper · 2018-10-15T18:27:09.287Z · comments (7)
Announcing the EA Angel Group - Seeking EAs with the Time and Money to Evaluate and Fund Early-Stage Grants
benjamin-pence · 2018-10-15T18:05:01.054Z · comments (9)
Double Crux prompts for Effective Altruists
Elityre · 2018-10-12T23:12:19.707Z · comments (12)
Many EA orgs say they place a lot of financial value on their previous hire. What does that mean, if anything? And why aren't they hiring faster?
80000_Hours · 2018-10-12T18:55:01.635Z · comments (39)
Relieving extreme physical pain in humans – an opportunity for effective funding
jonleighton · 2018-10-10T12:28:16.320Z · comments (14)
Survey of EA org leaders about what skills and experience they most need, their staff/donations trade-offs, problem prioritisation, and more.
80000_Hours · 2018-10-09T23:33:16.803Z · comments (33)
Bottlenecks and Solutions for the X-Risk Ecosystem
FlorentBerthet · 2018-10-08T12:47:42.068Z · comments (14)
A Research Framework to Improve Real-World Giving Behavior
Jon_Behar · 2018-10-04T18:25:56.012Z · comments (9)
[link] The 2018 elections and farm animals
EA Forum Archives · 2018-10-04T05:00:00.000Z · comments (None)
CSER Special Issue: 'Futures of Research in Catastrophic and Existential Risk'
HaydnBelfield · 2018-10-02T17:18:48.449Z · comments (1)
Paul Christiano on how OpenAI is developing real solutions to the 'AI alignment problem', and his vision of how humanity will progressively hand over decision-making to AI systems
80000_Hours · 2018-10-02T11:49:34.177Z · comments (None)
List of 80,000 Hours content from the last 4 months, summary of what was most popular, and plans for future releases.
80000_Hours · 2018-10-01T17:48:39.710Z · comments (5)
RPTP Is a Strong Reason to Consider Giving Later
trammell · 2018-10-01T16:27:22.590Z · comments (16)
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