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[link] Scope Insensitivity
EA Handbook (EA Fellowship) · 2007-05-13T23:08:50.742Z · comments (None)
[link] Three ways to advance science (Nick Bostrom)
EA Forum Archives · 2008-01-31T21:04:29.791Z · comments (1)
Biotechnology and biosecurity
EA Handbook (EA Fellowship) · 2008-09-01T07:00:00.000Z · comments (None)
[link] Policymaking for Posterity
EA Handbook (EA Fellowship) · 2008-09-02T01:39:00.000Z · comments (None)
[link] Pascal's Mugging
EA Handbook (EA Fellowship) · 2009-07-01T07:00:00.000Z · comments (None)
[link] The Cognitive Science of Rationality
lukeprog · 2011-09-12T10:35:42.246Z · comments (None)
Giving isn’t demanding*
William_MacAskill · 2011-11-25T05:00:04.000Z · comments (2)
Practical ethics given moral uncertainty
William_MacAskill · 2012-01-31T05:00:01.000Z · comments (4)
[link] Philanthropy's Success Stories
Holden Karnofsky (HoldenKarnofsky) · 2012-03-01T16:53:11.722Z · comments (None)
How to be a high impact philosopher
William_MacAskill · 2012-05-08T04:00:25.000Z · comments (None)
[link] Objections and Concerns About Our New Direction
Holden Karnofsky (HoldenKarnofsky) · 2012-06-22T15:59:28.903Z · comments (None)
How to be a high impact philosopher, part II
William_MacAskill · 2012-09-27T04:00:27.000Z · comments (None)
The most important unsolved problems in ethics
William_MacAskill · 2012-10-15T02:28:58.000Z · comments (None)
Researching what we should
William_MacAskill · 2012-11-12T05:00:37.000Z · comments (None)
GiveWell's recommendation of GiveDirectly
William_MacAskill · 2012-11-30T05:00:28.000Z · comments (None)
Some general concerns about GiveWell
William_MacAskill · 2012-12-23T05:00:10.000Z · comments (None)
Paul_Christiano · 2013-01-22T05:00:52.000Z · comments (None)
To save the world, don’t get a job at a charity; go work on Wall Street
William_MacAskill · 2013-02-27T05:00:23.000Z · comments (5)
Why might the future be good?
Paul_Christiano · 2013-02-27T05:00:49.000Z · comments (None)
Risk aversion and investment (for altruists)
Paul_Christiano · 2013-02-28T05:00:34.000Z · comments (6)
The Moral Imperative Toward Cost-Effectiveness in Global Health
Toby_Ord · 2013-03-11T23:20:47.562Z · comments (None)
Giving now vs. later
Paul_Christiano · 2013-03-12T04:00:04.000Z · comments (1)
Doing well by doing good: careers that benefit others also benefit you
William_MacAskill · 2013-04-18T04:00:02.000Z · comments (None)
What is effective altruism?
William_MacAskill · 2013-05-13T04:00:31.000Z · comments (26)
An example of do-gooding done wrong
William_MacAskill · 2013-05-15T04:00:16.000Z · comments (None)
$1.25/day - What does that mean?
William_MacAskill · 2013-05-17T04:00:25.000Z · comments (None)
Getting inspired by cost-effective giving
William_MacAskill · 2013-05-20T04:00:41.000Z · comments (None)
Peter Singer's TED talk on effective altruism
William_MacAskill · 2013-05-22T04:00:50.000Z · comments (None)
On the robustness of cost-effectiveness estimates
William_MacAskill · 2013-05-24T04:00:47.000Z · comments (None)
A proposed adjustment to the astronomical waste argument
Nick_Beckstead · 2013-05-27T04:00:57.000Z · comments (1)
Earning to give vs. altruistic career choice revisited
Jonah_Sinick · 2013-05-28T04:00:54.000Z · comments (0)
Could you live on the international poverty line?
RyanCarey · 2013-05-30T04:00:24.000Z · comments (1)
Vegetarianism, health, and promoting the right changes
William_MacAskill · 2013-06-07T04:00:43.000Z · comments (None)
Social impact, effective altruism, and motivated cognition
Jonah_Sinick · 2013-06-08T04:00:22.000Z · comments (None)
Common responses to earning to give
Ben_Kuhn · 2013-06-10T04:00:05.000Z · comments (1)
A personal history of involvement with effective altruism
Jonah_Sinick · 2013-06-12T04:00:14.000Z · comments (None)
The best reason to give later
Paul_Christiano · 2013-06-14T04:00:31.000Z · comments (None)
Using time effectively as a student
Katja_Grace · 2013-06-17T04:00:42.000Z · comments (1)
Giving now currently seems to beat giving later
Peter Wildeford (Peter_Hurford) · 2013-06-18T04:00:19.000Z · comments (1)
Julia_Wise · 2013-06-21T04:00:03.000Z · comments (26)
The rules of effective altruism. Rule #1: don’t die
William_MacAskill · 2013-06-24T04:00:29.000Z · comments (None)
What Is earning to give?
Peter Wildeford (Peter_Hurford) · 2013-06-26T04:00:15.000Z · comments (None)
Keeping choices donation neutral
Jeff_Kaufman · 2013-06-28T04:00:07.000Z · comments (2)
Helping other altruists
William_MacAskill · 2013-07-01T04:00:08.000Z · comments (None)
Spending on yourself vs. charity
Ben_Kuhn · 2013-07-05T04:00:59.000Z · comments (None)
Four focus areas of effective altruism
lukeprog · 2013-07-08T04:00:02.000Z · comments (11)
Effectiveness or altruism?
Katja_Grace · 2013-07-10T04:00:11.000Z · comments (1)
Notes on not dying
William_MacAskill · 2013-07-15T04:00:05.000Z · comments (2)
Why it should be easy to dominate GiveWell’s recommendations
Robert_Wiblin · 2013-07-17T04:00:46.000Z · comments (None)
[link] Empowerment and Catastrophic Risk
Holden Karnofsky (HoldenKarnofsky) · 2013-07-18T16:04:59.716Z · comments (None)
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