Would anyone be able to help me decide between Economics PhD offers?

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This is a question post.

I'm currently in somewhat of a predicament deciding between two Economics graduate programmes and some advice from someone currently doing or who has completed a PhD in Economics would be incredibly helpful in helping me make my decision.

I have done extensive research on the pros and cons of each and have read a lot of common articles that are found which talk about how to pick a PhD programme. However, this is somewhat of an unconventional decision. Would anyone be willing to offer 30 minutes to 1 hour of their time to talk through the decision with me via video call?

*I have decided to remain anonymous (hence the new account) here and not talk about the pros and cons of the programmes because it leave me pretty easily identifiable.


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Yeah, I've done an economics PhD and can offer my perspective and talk about the particulars of the program I was in. You can email me via the contact info at esantorella.com if you want to keep this offline. Leaving this answer public in case anyone else has the same question.

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Thanks! The decision is now made (had an influx of messages) but I really appreciate the offer.

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People who may have opinions on this: 

Eva Vivalt 
Richard Bruns

I believe both have expressed interest/willingness in talking to EAs interested in econ graduate school, but I imagine this depends a lot on details I don't know (like their schedule, etc)

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I was initially hesitant about asking this question on the forum. Just want to say that the messages I have received (and the advice/meetings) have been extremely helpful. If anyone is in the same situation, I would highly recommend asking the question!

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Reporting back like this seems really useful for others considering whether to do this. Thanks!

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Planet money podcast has an episode about how economists look for jobs themselves -- Episode 769: Speed Dating For Economists : Planet Money : NPR. Here's another episode about sexism in the field Economics, Sexism, Data : Planet Money : NPR. You may find them useful for your research.

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