The most read 80,000 Hours posts from the last 3 months

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Here is recent content on the 80,000 Hours blog, ranked in order of highest to lowest number of readers in the last 90 days. I think some of it is pretty swell - I hope you do to!

  1. Why you should focus more on talent gaps, not funding gaps
  2. What are the 10 most harmful jobs?
  3. Join us as a project engineer and build our interactive career guide, and hep millions of graduates have a greater social impact
  4. How to write a career plan
  5. Startup employees don't earn more
  6. I want to make a difference - should I become a philosopher?
  7. What's the easiest way anyone can have a big social impact?
  8. Why you usually shouldn't work at non-profits straight after graduating
  9. If you want to save lives, should you study medicine?
  10. Lehua closed down her fundraising startup after reading our blog: plan change story
  11. Common investing mistakes in the effective altruism community
  12. Our new tool can help you make the right career decisions
  13. The return to coding bootcamps may not remain so high forever
  14. Why everyone, even our readers, should save enough to live for 6-24 months
  15. How to pursue a career in research to lower the risks from superintelligent machines: a new career review.



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comment by Chris Leong (casebash) · 2015-12-22T06:00:09.237Z · EA(p) · GW(p)

Thanks for posting this. I found it useful since I don't follow the blog, but am still interested in some of the content.