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The Fugue Foundation has created a Twitterbot that tweets EA related content on a daily basis around 0830 EST. We have so far launched two social media campaigns and we appreciate your support with liking/following/retweeting.

  1. Pulitzer-Prize winning documentary photojournalist Renée C. Byer with her Living on a Dollar a Day series.
  2. Top charities as identified by The Life You Can Save - ongoing

The code for how we did this is open source. It uses Node.js, Axios, and Cheerio to scrape the identified page and a Python script for the Twitterbot. If you have any questions on this implementation, feel free to comment here or in the GitHub repo. Also, if you have any suggestions on good EA-related organizations that have content well-suited for being distilled into a tweet, let us know and we'll consider their work for future campaigns.



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Next in the chute is GiveWell and their top charities. We are open to suggestions for future campaigns, so please comment here with any websites/orgs that have a variety of web content that could be scraped to formulate into a tweet.

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New campaign started featuring the problem profiles from 80,000 Hours.