Rationality: From AI to Zombies was released today!

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Eliezer Yudkowsky's blog posts have finally been systematised and released into an ebook. MIRI's Robbie Bensinger is to be thanked for this. They are available as a 'pay as you want' download from MIRI's website.

Eliezer's preface begins as follows:

"You hold in your hands a compilation of two years of daily blog posts. In retrospect, I look back on that project and see a large number of things I did completely wrong. I’m fine with that. Looking back and not seeing a huge number of things I did wrong would mean that neither my writing nor my understanding had improved since 2009. Oops is the sound we make when we improve our beliefs and strategies; so to look back at a time and not see anything you did wrong means that you haven’t learned anything or changed your mind since then..."

Robbie gives his own description:

"Stylistically, the essays in this book run the gamut from “lively textbook” to “compendium of thoughtful vignettes” to “riotous manifesto,” and the content is correspondingly varied. Rationality: From AI to Zombies collects hundreds of Yudkowsky’s blog posts into twenty-six “sequences,” chapter-like series of thematically linked posts. The sequences in turn are grouped into six books, covering the following topics:



There's obviously a lot there but I have found it quite influential, and Eliezer is the leading proponent of a very compelling style of philosophy from which one could imagine launching an entire school of philosophical thought. Already, these materials have been very influential, and with this book's release, I think a lot of people will be prompted to do some rereading.

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