Metaculus's Climate Tipping Points Tournament Enters Round 2

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  $2,500 Commentary Prize
  $2,500 Accuracy Prize
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Round 2 of the Climate Tipping Points Tournament is now live. Metaculus has launched new policy-focused questions that further develop the Round 1 indicator categories identified as most critical. This round also includes conditional questions designed to quantify the impacts of specific policies or events coming to pass.

$2,500 Commentary Prize

Round 2 questions are eligible for $2,500 in prizes awarded for comments that:

Round 2 questions include the Round 2 tag and can be found here.

Comments must be submitted before July 1st to be eligible. Only Round 2 questions are eligible for the Commentary Prize. See the tournament page for more details.

$2,500 Accuracy Prize

Both Round 2 and Round 1 questions that resolve before March 1st, 2027 are eligible for the accuracy prize, and we will launch an additional wave of Round 2 questions in the coming weeks.

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