Are there other events in the UK before/after EAG London?

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I'll be flying from Australia to attend EAG London this year, and was wondering if there are sort-of "satellite events" surrounding the main conference that it'd be worth flying over earlier for or staying longer for. I could imagine, for example, that FHI or the EA London group might set up a smaller event in the prior/following weeks, or something like that. 

I'm planning to move to the UK next year to start a high-impact career (most likely in civil service or at an EA org), so anything that might lead to extra information/connections relevant to that would be especially useful. But I know EAG itself should mostly cover that anyway.


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Danielle Duffield and I will be running an event for people interested in animal advocacy the evening before, similar to the one I ran last year (


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Meta-comment: This is a perfectly fine question to ask here, though asking separately in Facebook will let you reach some people this post wouldn't reach: Here's the event page for London 2019.

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Thanks, I'll post there too!