Winning Design of the Utilitarianism Symbol Competition

post by Dan Hendrycks · 2021-10-11T06:05:57.387Z · EA · GW · 1 comments

I ran a small design competition [EA · GW] to create a simple symbol for utilitarianism, inspired by the heart+lightbulb design that effectively symbolizes EA. The winning submission is from u/YourLocalBaget who proposed the smiling globe design.

Here are three versions of the design:

This original design symbolizes widespread happiness and taking the point of view of the universe, all while not alienating people who are not into mathematics.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition.

If you want to use or modify these designs, the PNG, PDF, AI, and SVG files are available here.


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comment by Jeroen_W · 2021-10-11T13:08:27.510Z · EA(p) · GW(p)

I downvoted this for the following reasons:

  1. Not a big fan of the design: It is nearly identical to the globe emoji, commonly used by neoliberals on Twitter. A globe doesn't really represent the pov of the universe that well (what if we discover sentient life elsewhere?). Plus the smiley isn't that clearly visible.
  2. I feel like this competition was held a bit unprofessionaly. After Bob Jacobs [EA · GW] shared his (in my opinion great) idea the rules changed [EA(p) · GW(p)] as to exclude mathematical symbols. I don't really understand this rule either, as I think mathemical symbols like the sum symbol aren't really unknown. I think it would've been better if a flag design was voted for by multiple people instead of chosen by one person.

I like the idea of a utilitarian flag competition and would personally love to see a commonly used utilitarian flag some day. But this didn't feel as the right way to go about it. I hope I'm not being too harsh.