What are some responsibility bundle bargains for medium-sized enterprises?

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This is a question post.

I am curious what (else) to include in a bundle and if there are any organizations already offering these.

I am assuming 100 employees in my Fermi estimate [LW · GW] calculations.


I thought of ($/year):

$1,000: Carbon offsetting (considering per employee emissions comparable to average American personal emissions)

$2.500: Slavery (unpaid human labor) offsetting (assuming as many slaves per employee as that per an average American, about 10,000 total slaves) (education)

$3,000: Animal suffering offsetting (if applicable, assuming 5 million animals/year)

Total: $6,500/year


Assuming that the revenue of a 100-employee company is $10 million, that is only 0.065% of the revenue to offset negative environmental, social, and animal impact.

One can argue that offsetting is an unacceptable practice, however, it may be a viable option for the first 50,000 companies.


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