What is the most effective intensive farming video to convert meat eaters?

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I’m wondering if there’s a specific video on YT showing animal suffering in intensive farms that has the highest effectiveness in converting meat eaters to go vegetarian.

In particular, I would like to convert my 18 year old brother.

While sharing research on the matter would be ideal, also sharing your experience would be highly valued, especially if you’re part of the animal advocacy movement.


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Vegfund has some recommendations here. Personally, I always thought that What Cody Saw was very good, and I heard it being recommended by some animal advocates. I showed it to a friend once and she was moved by it and considered going vegan but didn't in the end. However, this was a while ago and now I see that Mercy For Animals have taken down the original video so maybe there is a reason not to use it.

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Also, I just want to share my experience that I tried to convert my family members as well when I first became vegan but then I realized that the chance of succeeding is low and that this isn't at all a good use of my time because I could help animals much more and with less effort by e.g. donating money to effective animal charities. Your situation might be different, but if your brother doesn't seem receptive right away, I'd recommend not pushing it too much. Vegans have a bad reputation of being too pushy in this way and I think that it's important to not reinforce it. Nowadays, I almost never bring up the topic of veganism myself, and I am very casual about it, and I only talk about it if people ask me about it. Ironically, I feel that this may be more effective. E.g., I noticed that multiple people I dated just happened to go vegan while we were together, despite me hardly ever talking about it. I think that my quiet example may have been an influence. Maybe it just showed to them that it is possible and no big deal. That said, I've heard at least one story of a son arguing a lot with his father and in the end convincing him to go vegan.

Also, I see that you want to convert them to vegetarianism. I think vegetarianism is not great from animal welfare perspective because conventional eggs might be one of the worst commonly-consumed foods for animals. E.g. see http://ethical.diet/ It could be argued that beef less bad than eggs. Hence, I think it makes more sense to advocate for lacto-vegetarianism which excludes eggs, but includes diary products, or something else.

I don't know if any of these things needed to be said to you, but I thought I would say them just in case.

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Thanks for your reply!

I agree that sometimes it's just better to lead by example, but I just needed a go-to video that I could share when needed. What Cody Saw is a great candidate, I found it on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=10153286555074475

I agree that eggs and poultry are the best things to remove from a diet from an ethical perspective, I just thought that promoting veganism isn't a good idea. Most people won't go vegan anyways, and it's overall better if we get everyone to go flexitarian rather than a small minority going vegan.

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