(Closed) Seeking (paid) volunteers to test introductory EA content

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  Help us test the Fellowship as a paid volunteer
  Who can volunteer?
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Last year, we began to create a new version of the EA Handbook for the Forum.

The initial content [EA · GW] didn’t turn out as well as we’d hoped, and we realized that finishing the project we’d envisioned would be difficult to pull off alongside our other projects.

Fortunately, other people were hard at work creating a better “handbook” than ours: the EA Introductory Program (recently renamed from the Introductory Fellowship).

For years, different EA student groups have run their own fellowships/programs, using curricula they designed themselves or borrowed from other groups. But a team of former student leaders, with help from CEA and other reviewers, recently took steps to reduce duplicative work by creating a new curriculum. CEA now encourages all groups to use this content (or adapt it for their own preferences).

Hundreds of participants have used this curriculum already. It’s gone through multiple rounds of testing and editing. And now, we’ve moved it to the EA Forum, so that every person in the world can have access to the same set of introductory resources. 

We’re in the process of creating a single page that will host the whole program. For now, here’s a link to the first sequence [? · GW], which in turn links to the rest of the content.

Help us test the Fellowship as a paid volunteer

Update: I've now closed the form, as we have enough good candidates.

CEA plans to use some of this content to replace some of the introductory material now featured on effectivealtruism.org [? · GW], and to recommend the full Introductory Program widely across our platforms. Based on the number of people who see our current intro content, we expect the new content to be read by thousands of people, perhaps tens of thousands, over the next few years.

This makes feedback extremely valuable to us — we want the quality and usability of the program to be very high. So rather than seeking out volunteers to give feedback, we’re hiring readers.

We’re looking to find 12 people under the following conditions:

If we choose you as a volunteer, we’ll send over a contract and some additional details on the types of things we want you to look for.

Who can volunteer?

We’re looking for people who have some degree of familiarity with this material, though you don’t need to have read all of it. The ideal volunteer will have thoughts on whether a given article actually covers a topic well, and (ideally) opinions on how we could change/replace it if need be.

Given those conditions, we’re happy to take anyone — student or otherwise.

We aren’t picky; we’ll take the first 12 qualified volunteers. If we select you, we’ll provide further instructions. We’ll want your feedback by 15 May; if we don’t hear from you by then, we’ll choose another volunteer in your place.

Apply here if you’d like to help us test the curriculum. (We now have enough applicants.)


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comment by KathrynMecrow · 2021-04-22T19:27:48.995Z · EA(p) · GW(p)

Strong upvote for fantastic introductory opportunities that are paid! :)