Gauging Interest in an EA Weekend Workshop

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TL;DR: Fill out our survey on an idea for an EA weekend workshop in Berkeley!

The Berkeley REACH is considering putting on a weekend workshop to help attendees familiarize themselves with the ideas, causes, and possible avenues of involvement with the Effective Altruism community.

We are currently looking at starting from the Arete Fellowship curriculum and compressing it into a weekend program. The original Arete Fellowship was targeted at college students [EA · GW] who wanted to be involved with the university EA group. Our workshop will likely be aimed at early or mid-career people, and will take place in a single weekend rather than over the course of 10 weeks.

We are still trying to determine:

We have a notion of the value that a workshop like this could provide and the number of people in different demographic or career categories who might be interested, but we’d like to get some clearer data. To help with these questions, we’ve put together a survey. We’d appreciate your input if you have a few minutes!

For your thoughts to be considered, please fill out the survey by Friday, April 5th.


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