Large EA House in Berkeley is looking for new housemates

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  Why living there is great
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We are putting together a large EA house with up to 13 residents in Berkeley, California. It has two rooms left coming available in June (dates flexible). Our hope is to foster a lively small EA community. And we’d especially like to have readers of the Forum in this house. We are also hosting EA Berkeley meetups and are likely going to continue hosting EA events in our house.

Prices are $1200 for a smaller single (~100sqf) and $1450 for a larger single, plus $200 per person per month in house fees and utilities.

If you might be interested, please share your details here:

You can expect the other residents to be in touch within about a week.

Why living there is great

- A community of 12 or 13 altruistic, conscientious people, currently Rohin, Richard, Patrick, Lynette, Valmik, Bill, and Caroline (see bios below). Ozzie, Jonathan, Anisha, and JS will be joining later!

- Weekly house dinners, frequent social events, and lots of casual hanging out

- Central location near the Berkeley Trader Joe's: 10min walk to Downtown Berkeley BART, 12min walk to the edge of the campus

- A generous stock of cooking supplies and gadgets

- Plenty of seating, desk space and utilities in the living room and kitchens, plus extras like a treadmill

- House cleaning, weekly dinners, maintenance, and general logistics managed for you by the house manager

- Richard's dog, Casper

More about the residents

-Lynette is a 26-year-old productivity coach for EAs. She likes hiking, self-improvement, minimalism, writing murder mystery parties, and book piles. She's a tidy, conscientious housemate who stops to pet every dog she passes.

-Rohin is a Ph.D. student at the Center for Human-Compatible AI, where he thinks about different research agendas for addressing AI safety and tries to come up with his own. He enjoys thinking games (board games, crosswords, puzzle hunts, escape rooms), karaoke, efficient cooking, and picking up new hobbies from housemates.

-Patrick: Agreeable, composed, introverted, unstrategic. Talks slowly. Software engineer suspicious of technology. Laughs too much at friends' jokes, causing them to think they're funnier than they are. Claims to enjoy painful experiences such as spicy food, long backpacking trips, and discordant music.

-Richard earns to give at Google, donating substantially to GiveWell top charities. He enjoys watching basketball, urban exploration, and reading about policy. He was adopted by Casper, an energetic dog who has settled in here fast.

-Bill cares a lot about people, is silly once you get to know him, and likes to work a lot. He enjoys deep chats, book piles, poetry, soccer, comedy, Pomodoro parties, lattes, avocado toast, and doing strange things he’s dared to do.

-Valmik is a robotics Ph.D. student at Berkley working on improving the safety of self-driving cars. He's a night owl who loves board games, vegan cooking, and bad TV.

-Caroline is working on policy and communication at the Center for Human-Compatible AI. She likes Pomodoro coworking parties, organizing large events, meditation, and karaoke. She loves to discuss EA topics, from philosophical debates to donation choices to community building.


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comment by Larks · 2020-04-03T17:39:43.126Z · score: 8 (4 votes) · EA(p) · GW(p)

Perhaps you might want to share your quarantine strategy? I can imagine that being important to people right now.

comment by CarolineJ · 2020-04-04T19:34:55.772Z · score: 3 (2 votes) · EA(p) · GW(p)

Hi Larks!

Thanks for asking!

We have been very careful since the beginning of the epidemics and were effectively in quarantine before the Bay Area shelter-in-place.

Currently, everyone stays and works from home. We maintain the food stockpile via grocery deliveries or having one person going to Trader Joes' every two weeks (with a mask and gloves). We have occasional walks/runs (while keeping a safety distance with other people).

If the Bay Area gets 50,000 reported cases or 500 such cases in Berkeley, we will stop walking outside.

We have copper-tapped common-used surfaces in the house and have a lot of resources to live comfortably in total isolation for over one month.

When people will move in, we will probably implement a quarantine for themselves for a few days/weeks.

comment by Ben Pace · 2020-04-03T21:19:27.887Z · score: 2 (1 votes) · EA(p) · GW(p)