Inviting EA forecasters to AI forecasting platform

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Me (Jacob Lagerros) and Ben Goldhaber received funding from the Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative to work on using forecasting to support better decision-making on x-risk.

As a first step, we're currently inviting beta users to an AI forecasting platform, which aims to support the decision-making of AI safety/policy organisations.

The platform is live, and has users including superforecasters and researchers from OpenAI, UC Berkeley and more.

We award biweekly prizes of $400 and $200 to top commenters, and run biweekly online workshops to collaborate on improve our models and forecasting performance.

We're looking for EAs with a strong track-record of forecasting (in general, not just for AI), or of thinking about AI progress in a quantitative manner.

To apply, please fill in this form.


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