EAGT: Social Schelling Times (recurring)

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We're trying to build an online community of EAs on gather.town [? · GW] who can inspire each other to be productive and share interesting ideas with each other. The project isn't just about finding random EAs from across the world to do pomodoros with, it's about creating an enduring community of people who have some idea of what each of us are up to, and support each other in achieving it—‘friends’, if you will.

The co-working is going great. We had 18 people organically online at the same time on Monday. But there isn't as clear a social cue for when to engage others in deeper conversations that last longer than the default 5-minute break timer. And even when two people mutually have time and want to have a longer conversation, they might be hesitant to initiate because they don't want to risk disturbing them in their work.

So the Social Schelling Time is an informal hour when we flip that assumption, and encourage you to get to know people. Feel free to announce in the [Everyone] chat a specific topic you wish to find people to talk about with, or just approach an open group to see if they’re talking about something you wish to join.

The white vase marks opt-in social areas you can hang out in at any time to signal that you wish to meet new people and just talk.

The first iteration is optimised for being gentle to people from San Francisco to Germany, but we'll probably rotate each week to cover Asia-Pacific regions as well. The space already sees a fair number of regular visitors from there.

Feel free to read the Norms book when you enter the space, but the forum post [? · GW] contains the same information :)

Please RVSP if you can, so that we can prepare ahead of time; but also feel free to just log in on the day if that's more convenient. We also have a shared google calendar that can be seen by everyone using the space (no login required).

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