Your Altruism Movie Suggestions?

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This is a question post.

My list consists mostly of documentaries which showcase the spirit of altruism during incredible hardship. If you are ever need to rekindle the passion for altruism, these movies are cautionary but inspiring reminders.

  1. Jim: The James Foley Story (the backstory to arguably the first man famed for being beheaded and filmed by isis)

2: E-Team (a team of U.N. reporters find shocking human rights violations in Syria and Libya and attempt to confront their governments with these discoveries)

  1. The White Helmets (the devastating reality which first responders in Syrian civilian building bombings face as they work to save lives. One quite especially resonated with me: “I try as hard as possible to save every person under the rubble whether they are young or old, I consider them all to be my family.”)


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