How much do current cultured animal products cost?

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This is a question post.

Animal Charity Evaluators identifies a list of mainstream animal products in three categories in order to forecast when cultured versions of products in those categories will be cost-competitive with farmed versions:

I'm especially interested in any big changes to cost and availability that have happened since the last update in late 2017 (in fact, the article has predictions by some people that some cultured acellular products would be on the market now; is this the case?)



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This 2019 article has some costs listed:

  • Fish: "it costs Finless slightly less than $4,000 to make a pound of tuna"
  • Beef: "Aleph said it had gotten the cost down to $100 per lb."
  • Beef(?): "industry insiders say American companies are getting the cost to $50 per lb."