[Creative Writing Contest] Can you spot an issue?

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How’s life on <$1.90(PPP)/day??

It’s ok.

There is no money but

you have a family.

And that is what matters.


How are these cages?

They are ok.

When you are young

you do not have them.

How is your AI research going?


So close to making the world a better place

for my employer!

How are your parents?

They are very nice!

They treat all of us equally.

Actually, only five of us survived

out of 2,000!

How is your homework going?

It’s great!

I went to fetch the firewood four times!

It’s a family celebration!

We’re eating a goat!

How does this system work?

It’s simple.

You push this huge red button

and gain competitive advantage

in a nuclear exchange.

How are your friends?

They are good!

So much more fashionable now!

It makes their bodies seem kinda aggressive, haha :)

How is your baldness research going?

It’s so great!

You should be able to get 1cm^2 of new hair for

$99.99 only!

How is your baby?

Oh, I am sorry.

She died.


How does this ‘rapidly identify hungry people at your fingertips’ app work?

Oh, it identifies and counts eyes and divides them by two!

Is there a species bias?

Come on!


How can you make the world a better place for all?

Well, we focus on green tech patent litigation.

OK, thank you.


How can you make the world a better place for all?

When I have a sick child, I stay with them. I think that everyone should do the same.

Umm, won’t you get sick though?

How can you prevent people from stealing?

Functioning institutions.

The large padlocks.


How do you define fairness?

No one gets more or less than what they are entitled to.


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I enjoyed this.