Does Effective Altruism have a graphic standards/brand style/brand identity guide?

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Hey all,

I'm currently a part of a Facebook group called Effective Environmentalism, an online community of individuals interested in discussing sustainability through an EA lens.

Recently, I was contacted by a group admin to see if I would like to help out with creating a logo for the community.

Keeping with the EA brand, we were thinking of modifying the current EA logo to include a green leaf instead of a heart, but seeing as I couldn't find any guideline concerning the proper usage of the logo on this forum or elsewhere, I'm not sure whether such modifications are permitted. Perhaps I'm just not looking in the right places?

Some questions:

Just looking for some guidance and hopefully provoke some thoughtful discussion. If this has been discussed before, feel free to provide a link below. Thanks!


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Hey Quinn. I think your new logo for the Effective Environmentalism page looks lovely! Apologies for this comment being clearly far too late! I was reminded by seeing the new EE cover image today, and figured I'd comment so you and others know the answer for future projects.

At the moment there really isn't any community-wide graphic standards. Many groups use the lightbulb logo in some form or other. Blues and teals seem to be the usual colours, and Roboto Slab and Raleway seem to be the usual fonts.

Here is CEA's personal style guide for which anyone is welcome to follow or take inspiration from.

There are also a variety of editable graphics sources from a variety of groups here:

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