New tags, by popular demand: "Motivation" and "Funding Request"

post by Aaron Gertler (aarongertler) · 2020-11-17T07:17:04.307Z · EA · GW · None comments

We don't usually share when new tags are created, but we've recently made two tags that we wanted to highlight, since each one came about as a result of multiple requests from Forum users.

The Motivation [? · GW] tag:

The Motivation tag covers posts that focus on inspiring us to do good (either a specific kind of good, or whatever we already want to work on). 

We hope that reading through this collection will lift your spirits and spur you to beneficial action!

If a post motivates you to do good, or you think it will motivate others, upvote it. There are no wrong answers.

The Funding Request [? · GW] tag (inspired by conversations on this post [EA · GW]):

The Funding Request tag covers posts whose authors are looking for a grant or donation, whether to themselves or to their organization. The tag's purpose is to group posts of this type for would-be donors.

If there's a post that really motivated you, consider tagging it! Give someone else the same spirit-lifting experience.

If you've written about a project for which you are trying to fundraise, and that process is ongoing, consider tagging your post! Someday, I'd like this tag to be a strong resource for people who want to make a donation.

And if there's another tag you'd like to see created, go for it; just remember to add a description and tag at least one post, so that our moderators can understand the utility of the tag.

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