Group Organiser Survey on Career Advice Bottlenecks

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The Local Career Advice Network is running a group organiser survey on career advice bottlenecks to gather more accurate knowledge about career advice bottlenecks in the EA community. We will use this information to evaluate existing career advice activities, identify pain points for group organisers and work on the most projects to resolve those pain points.

If you helped organise an EA group in 2019, even if you haven't engaged in many formal career activities, please fill out the Career Advice Bottlenecks survey to help us learn more about your group’s career activities and your personal career bottlenecks. If you weren’t involved in 2019 and think the group is still active, please forward this survey to the current organiser(s).

You can fill out the survey here:

We are asking for responses by Sunday March 1st 2020.

Why is filling out this survey a valuable use of time?

What is the background for this project?

Our project was initially prompted by issues faced by many group organisers in regions outside of the main EA hubs (e.g. the Bay area and London). These groups range widely in geography, group structure and membership and all have challenges regarding career advice. Many felt that current career advice didn’t apply to their members, or was too restricted in its geographic relevance. Given that the groups we wanted to help were so diverse, we wanted to identify projects, resources and services that could be useful to multiple groups and be an effective use of resources.

We decided to develop two branches of the project: a meta-level research arm, and a careers advice network arm.

The meta-level arm focuses on improving our knowledge of the career advice landscape. Since there was very little visibility into the current state of career advice globally, we decided to survey group organisers as a first step. Depending on the outcomes of this survey we may also survey group members to pinpoint bottlenecks.

The careers advice network will help improve coordination and the quality of projects in this space. Further, through the network we are able to make sure that the data we are collecting is useful and actionable. We host monthly calls on relevant topics, connect people to others working on similar projects, and provide feedback on their projects.

You can read more here:


If you have any questions please reach out to Vaidehi Agarwalla at or on the EA Groups slack.

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