Best source i know for science and tech news

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This is a link post for

an "Automated system curating news from many sources to remove the click bait titles and unscientific articles." I use it everyday. you will find here articles about health, science, 3D printing, AI, internet, robotics, the environment and more. it's accompanied by two other systems:

curated videos: "Automated system curating videos from over a hundred YouTube channels, users, or playlists, to bring forward the most educational and interesting videos out there."

search engine: the search engine is also curated, and is divided into categories, to make it easy to do research and find valuable results.

these tools are created by - which i might make an overview article about in the future. (also, FYI- even though TROM is completely trade-free, meaning no one gets any profit from it, i will say that I'm involved with the project)

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