A template for doing annual reviews

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A lot of EAs (and EA organisations) do an "annual review" where they review what has happened over the past year and plan how best to use their time in the future.

I did one for the first time this year and it was very useful.

In the past, one reason why I didn't do an annual review was because I didn't have a ready made process to follow or a document to complete. Instead, I would have needed to make my own, based on some of the online guides (such as Alex Vermeer's 8760 - which is a really excellent guide but not ready for use in an annual review as it is a PDF).

To make it easier for others, I am sharing this annual review/planner template. It incorporates Alex Vermeer's questions (https://alexvermeer.com/8760hours/). It also has a few additional questions that I added during my review.

Please feel free to copy, share and modify it.


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