Introducing Alison, our new forum moderator

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Hi all,


We've just reached the end of Marcus' term as moderator, and now Alison Woodman is newly stepping into the moderation role. To Marcus, thanks very much for your help using some of your free time over the past two months. It has been very useful for you to promote the forum posts on Facebook (this last month has been the most popular for the site) and for keeping an eye on the standard of discussion here!


It has been incredibly useful to have someone like Marcus to step in and autonomously run things, and I’m very appreciative of what he has done.


Our new moderator, Alison Woodman (aliwoodman), has studied Social Anthropology at Cambridge, and first became interested in the ideas behind Effective Altruism when Peter Singer visited and gave a talk there in 2013. She is now Director of Community at Giving What We Can so she is in a very suitable position to be involved here. Alison plans to moderate here for at least a few weeks, and hopefully much longer!


While Alison is moderating, I’ll continue to take a break from moderation duties, so if you notice any problems, you can contact Alison directly at




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comment by arrowind · 2015-05-31T17:48:16.092Z · score: 1 (1 votes) · EA(p) · GW(p)

Welcome Allison, it sounds useful to have someone with such relevant experience volunteering!