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I'm not sure what I'm meant to take away from this post, and I think some of the following would help it be more readable for other Forum users:

  • Header text that describes the content of each section (here's an example [EA · GW])
  • A summary before the full post that briefly describes your key ideas and/or actions that a reader might take if they agree with your full post. Your concluding sentence seems like it summarizes a few of the other things you talk about, but I'm not sure whether that was the intention.
  • Links to articles you cite (like the developmental milestones essay)
  • Examples of how the content relates to current areas of EA research, past discussions on the Forum, or anything else in the EA intellectual landscape. I can try to make guesses about which topics might be considered "dragons", but I don't know if those guesses are "correct", or whether your list of topics differs from mine.