[Link] A Future for Neuroscience

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I think all neuroscientists, all philosophers, all psychologists, and all psychiatrists should basically drop whatever they’re doing and learn Selen Atasoy’s “connectome-specific harmonic wave” (CSHW) framework. It’s going to be the backbone of how we understand the brain and mind in the future, and it’s basically where predictive coding was in 2011, or where blockchain was in 2009. Which is to say, it’s destined for great things and this is a really good time to get into it.

This could be important for the cause area of mental health, and beyond.


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This received some discussion on LessWrong last year.

https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/2pnvgwGkMZkQzCvwi/a-future-for-neuroscience [LW · GW]