Want to give feedback on a draft sample chapter for a book on effective altruism?

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For those who don't know, I'm currently planning to write a book for a popular audience on effective altruism. It'll take the reader through effective altruist ideas applied to charity, careers, and personal consumption; then on to thinking about cause prioritization and the effective altruism movement. I'm hoping that the book will help to make the idea of effective altruism better known, and get even more people thinking about how they can do the most good.

I'm at the stage of writing a proposal and a sample chapter, which my agent will shop around publishers once its done. I've just finished a first draft of the sample chapter and am looking for feedback. I'm able to do quite a bit of writing at the moment, so feedback over the next few days would be particularly useful. All and any comments would be very valuable!

If you'd like to see it, please send me an email - william dot macaskill at 80000hours.org - and I can send you the draft.

Thanks in advance!

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