Individual Project Fund: Further Details

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In my post on where I plan to donate in 2016, I said that I would set aside $2000 for funding promising projects that I come across in the next year:

The idea behind the project fund is … [to] give in a low-friction way on scales that are too small for organizations like Open Phil to think about. Moreover, it is likely good for me to develop a habit of evaluating projects I come across and thinking about whether they could benefit from additional money (either because they are funding constrained, or to incentivize an individual who is on the fence about carrying the project out). Finally, if this effort is successful, it is possible that other EAs will start to do this as well, which could magnify the overall impact. I think there is some danger that I will not be able to allocate the $2000 in the next year, in which case any leftover funds will go to next year’s donor lottery.

In this post I will give some further details about this fund. My primary goal is to give others an idea of what projects I am likely to consider funding, so that anyone who thinks they might be a good fit for this can get in contact with me. (I also expect many of the best opportunities to come from people that I meet in person but don’t necessarily read this blog, so I plan to actively look for projects throughout the year as well.)

I am looking to fund or incentivize projects that meet several of the criteria below:

It isn’t necessary to meet all of the criteria above, but I would probably want most things I fund to meet at least 4 of these 6.

Here are some concrete examples of things I might fund:

If you think you might have a project that could use funding, please get in touch with me at Even if you are not sure if your project would be a good target for funding, I am very happy to talk to you about it. In addition, please feel free to comment either here or via e-mail if you have feedback on this general idea, or thoughts on types of small-project funding that I missed above.


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comment by vipulnaik · 2017-01-03T05:37:47.245Z · EA(p) · GW(p)

Great to hear about this, Jacob! As somebody who funds a lot of loosely similar activities in the "EA periphery" I have some thoughts and experience on the challenges and rewards of funding. Let me know if you'd like to talk about it.

You can get a list of stuff I've funded at