Good Done Right conference

post by Pablo_Stafforini · 2020-02-04T13:21:02.903Z · score: 42 (23 votes) · EA · GW · 2 comments

This is a link post for

In case anyone is interested, I've created a post with links to all the existing audio recordings of the talks delivered at Good Done Right, an EA conference of historic significance. There's also a bit of background info, a poster of the event, and photos by Toby Ord.


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comment by Denis Drescher (Telofy) · 2020-02-05T19:06:01.937Z · score: 4 (3 votes) · EA(p) · GW(p)

Great sleuthing! I remember my surprise in late 2014, months after the conference, when I found out that something with such a roaster of speakers had happened, and I hadn’t noticed it. Luckily I also found that invaluable Soundcloud account. :-D