Applied Rationality Workshop in Münster, Germany

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NOTE: sign-up has been extended till Tuesday, 2019-10-08 12:00 CET

Together with Anne Wissemann we are going to do a 3-day weekend workshop on applied rationality in Münster, Germany.


speakers: Anne Wissemann & Alexander Popiak

date: 2019-11-01 – 03, 10am - 6pm

application form: (Deadline: Monday, 2019-09-30 Tuesday, 2019-10-08 confirmations will be sent at the latest Saturday, 2019-10-12 Tuesday, 2019-10-15)

location: Paul-Gerhardt-Haus, Friedrichstr. 10, 48145 Münster (seminar rooms are wheel-chair accessible)

cost: 70-90€ + Tip for Alex

topic: CFAR techniques and other useful concepts

target audience: Aspiring EAs with an interest in applied rationality

Limited to 20 attendees

Housing available on request.


For the last two years we – the EA Münster group – have been organizing weekly Meetups including Socials, Book-Clubs as well as talks with discussion rounds. This is the first time we are organizing a weekend workshop to allow the regional EA community to:


Anne is a CEA community building grantee. She also works as a coach for members of the rationality and effective altruism communities. In addition to her own CFAR workshop she has undergone CFAR's mentorship training and is currently taking part in CFAR's instructor candidate program. In Berlin, she helps develop weekly rationality practice sessions together with Alex. Alex is a CFAR alumn and long-running LessWrong community member and organizer that has held workshops such as Goal Factoring at the Berlin rationality meetup.Amongst other things, they plan to teach the participants:

For a more detailed description see this overview of techniques:

Vegan lunch, breakfast, snacks and coffee are included. If you need housing, please mention it in the comment area on the application form or get in touch with us directly.

Past events

In January Anne did a similar weekend workshop organized by the EA group in Cologne. This workshop is one day longer to allow for more time to practice and prepare to integrate the learnings into one's life, but there will still be a lot of the same content.

Notes on finances

The workshop will be self supporting, the ticket price is used to fund travel costs for our speakers as well as lunch, snacks and coffee. In case we should make any profit it will be donated to the German Effective Altruism Network to fund future workshops, allow discounts and the like.

Discounts are available if you feel you cannot afford to attend the workshop otherwise.


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comment by markus_over · 2019-09-24T12:54:34.399Z · score: 4 (4 votes) · EA(p) · GW(p)

Neat! The workshop in Cologne was quite good, and this one apparently will even include resolve cycles and hamming circles which I'm very much in favor of (and which as far as I remember weren't part of the Cologne workshop).

I'd probably recommend participating to anyone who lives even remotely close and feels like they could benefit from marginal improvements in their applied rationality, which realistically is probably almost everyone. Plus you'll surely get to know a lot of great people.

Thanks for organizing this!