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Other relevant links that seems to be missing:

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This recent SMBC reminded me of this post ^^

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I personally contribute to Its founder has been consistently contributing to it, they have a lot of experience with wikis, and they have a strong work ethics. They've also been going on since 2014. I also try to contribute to Wikipedia first, and only go to another wiki if it doesn't fit on Wikipedia for some reasons.

I would like to see someone apply for a grant from the EA Meta Fund to move the CP wiki to the MediaWiki platform, create some initial content, and host it on Although maybe the priority, wiki-wise, would be to improve some Wikipedia pages instead.

Whenever I read something, I keep this in mind. If I'm going to take notes, I might as well see if it would fit on some wikis.

I think the best ways to help, in order, would be:
-if you know someone that could interested in improving the wiki, suggest them to apply for a grant from the EA Meta Fund (

-reduce the competition (move 's content to, and then delete so that the few contributors there are collaborate on the same platform

-whenever you read something, see if it would be useful to integrate this in a wiki

-if you know someone reading or researching on some causes (or see a post like this on a social platform), and you think they could make good contributions, invite them to do so

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Thanks for writing this!

Looking forward to a review of charities in that area.

I invite people interested in this topic to join the Effective Altruism & Life Extension Facebook group.

I suggest you add a summary at the top of the post.

Here's a summary of LEV leverage points: Bringing the date we solve aging forward by one year could extend the life of 36,500,000 by 1000 years (under conservative assumptions^1). But if Longevity Escape Velocity (LEV) is reached before that (and maintained until we solve aging), then it's bringing the LEV forward by 1 day that will be the crucial point. Note that solving other causes of death (than aging) near the LEV point would also bring the LEV point forward. Other leverage points would be increasing the probability that LEV is maintained until we solve aging, and increasing the speed of distribution of LEV technology (note that this doesn't impact the value of the other leverage points).

1. a) Probably more than 36,500,000 actually given that - actually in the short term - population will increase, and the fraction of death from aging will also increase.

1. b) probably more than a 1000 years in expectation given a 1000 years might be enough to solve the other death causes, and radically increase that number

Musing: I wonder if it would be technically more accurate to call it Death Escape Velocity. And while solving aging is the crucial point in the model, solving other death causes near LEV could also expedite when LEV is achieve. And once we solve aging, the LEV model stays relevant: we could (realistically) still increase life expectancy by more than a year per year by reducing the rate of the other causes of death, such as accidents, until we stop adding a year every year, and eventually reach a maximum lifespan (or we get complete immortality).

Edit: previous version was mistakenly saying 36,500,000 lives per day instead of year

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I’m not familiar with this field, so I cannot comment on the technical details of the project. But thanks to everyone who has provided constructive feedback to Martin! I think this is a big part of the value this forum provides. I hope this is useful to Martin as he went to great length to make progress on this problem.

Comment by Mati_Roy on Welcome to the New Forum! · 2018-11-15T04:37:28.213Z · score: 6 (2 votes) · EA · GW doesn't seem to be archiving articles from the new forum properly, which would be really valuable in my opinion. When I consult a post on, it briefly shows up, and then the post disappears, and all I see is "Sorry, we couldn't find what you were looking for." For example:

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Thanks Aaron! I suppose OpenPhil and other people interested in funding projects monitor this forum? If you think we should do something else to get it to people in a position to provide funding, I'm all ears!

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I also feel similarly. Thanks for writing this.

Points I would add:

-This organisation could focus on supporting local LessWrong groups (which CFAR isn't doing).

-This organisation could focus on biases that make people shift in a better direction rather than going in the same direction faster. For example, reducing the scope insensitivity bias seems like a robust way to make people more altruistic, whereas improving people's ability to make Trigger-Action-Plans might simply accelerate the economy as a whole (which could be bad if you think that crunches are more likely than bangs and shrieks, as per Bostrom's terminology).

-The organisation might want to focus on theories with more evidence (ie. be less experimental than CFAR) to avoid spreading false memes that could be difficult to correct, as well as being careful about idea inoculations.

Crohn's disease

2018-11-13T16:20:42.200Z · score: -12 (19 votes)
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feature idea: be able to mark (old) articles as obsolete

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I've received 28 applications. I just sent the emails to each pair of participants. I mostly matched people by timezone and desired frequency. The list will not be made public (unless everyone consent to that, and some people think it would be useful).

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I also find it useful to report by accomplishments to my accountability partner by email on a daily basis. It makes me more mindful during the day as to whether what I'm doing is working toward my goals.

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I invite anyone looking to get an accountability partner to fill this form:

Edit: the survey is now closed; if you would like to find an accountability partner, I suggest posting here:

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Any resources to recommend on "Changes in lie detection (medical imaging analysis, neuroscience)"?