Come hang out with EA Princeton! 2019-09-11T04:55:02.113Z · score: 24 (6 votes)


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This looks cool, I just signed up. Hope to see you guys online.

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Sir, I resent your insinuation that Princeton is not a major city.

I'll have you know our population is large enough to support a bar AND a pub. The latter only serves ice cream, but still.

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Hello hello!

Our big lectures (e.g., Will MacAskill on September 30th) are open to ALL, regardless of university affiliation. Hope you can come :)

Our weekly dinner discussion groups are also open to all. They are pretty short (60 minutes) so they're only worth coming to if you're not commuting from far away. Since we order food in advance for these, it would be super helpful to RSVP on facebook if you're planning to come.

A small selection of our events will be closed due to huge demand. For example, people will need to apply for dinner with Peter Singer. This will be made clear in our publicity for each event.