How has Covid-19 affected the way you give? 2021-02-15T15:20:56.466Z
PARTICIPATE in an Ethnographic Study? 2021-02-11T19:46:39.275Z


Comment by alana-uoestudy2021 on PARTICIPATE in an Ethnographic Study? · 2021-02-16T18:04:12.131Z · EA · GW

Thanks for the clarification Aaron! That's what makes EA so interesting!

Unfortunately we do not have any ethnographic research published at the moment but do have a participant information sheet for anyone interested in knowing more about our research. We are unable to link it here but would gladly send it to anyone interested.

Our email:

Comment by alana-uoestudy2021 on How has Covid-19 affected the way you give? · 2021-02-16T17:20:07.575Z · EA · GW

That is amazing Cullen! 

Was this towards any particular organisations/charities? 

Comment by alana-uoestudy2021 on Prioritizing COVID-19 interventions & individual donations · 2021-02-15T15:32:01.957Z · EA · GW

Amazing read!

Just had a quick question on whether these 'scale factors' you mention are the elements you use to determine the effectiveness of charities?

Comment by alana-uoestudy2021 on Many (many!) charities are too small to measure their own impact · 2021-02-15T15:27:35.174Z · EA · GW

Thanks for this- a really interesting read! 

I was wondering where you would suggest charities should get this 'independent research' from? One of the EA virtual events I attended briefly mentioned 'expert' research. Would you agree? If so I am curious what  you mean by 'experts'?

Again, thanks for the post!