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EA Anywhere Discussion: Oral rehydration therapy 2023-03-31T06:45:54.561Z
EA Anywhere Discussion: The case for slowing down AI 2023-03-31T06:43:53.713Z
Venomous Lumpsucker Reading Group 2023-03-03T22:09:36.372Z
EA Anywhere Discussion: Was slavery abolition inevitable? 2023-03-03T21:56:47.283Z
EA Anywhere Discussion: The challenge of disaster relief 2023-03-03T21:29:50.869Z
EA Anywhere Discussion: The most successful environmental treaty in history 2023-02-05T21:33:26.734Z
The Book of Why Reading Group 2023-02-05T21:30:35.010Z
Local Priorities Research Meetup 2023-01-30T18:36:41.167Z
Life 3.0 Reading Group 2023-01-25T18:51:04.681Z
EA Anywhere Discussion: Career paths for people from LMICs 2023-01-13T04:37:09.389Z
Yearly Review and Planning Session 2022-12-03T01:06:52.696Z
The First 20 Hours Reading Group 2022-12-03T00:57:07.534Z
Watch Party: Bending the Arc 2022-12-03T00:50:17.595Z
EA Anywhere Discussion: Should charity begin at home? 2022-12-03T00:45:23.934Z
EA Anywhere Discussion: Air Pollution 2022-11-10T16:56:29.213Z
EA Anywhere Discussion: Air Pollution (Asia/Oceania) 2022-11-10T16:54:34.907Z
Why We Fight Reading Group 2022-11-10T16:44:16.708Z
Worldview Upgrader Quiz 2022-11-09T19:53:03.603Z
Progress Open Thread: EAGxVirtual 2022 2022-10-22T13:49:08.602Z
EAGxVirtual: A virtual venue, timings, and other updates 2022-10-13T13:22:39.234Z
Foragers, Farmers, and Fossil Fuels Reading Group 2022-10-04T20:30:00.730Z
EA Anywhere Discussion: Uncertain Times, Unsettled Lives 2022-09-30T20:48:36.845Z
Apply now - EAGxVirtual (21-23 Oct) 2022-09-12T16:51:01.095Z
EAGxVirtual 2022 2022-09-12T16:43:02.154Z
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What We Owe the Future Reading Group 2022-09-07T15:21:18.331Z
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What does it mean to apply EA principles? 2022-08-22T14:48:07.468Z
EA Anywhere Discussion: Is the world getting better? (Asia/Oceania) 2022-08-02T19:43:49.813Z
The Dictator's Handbook Reading Group 2022-08-02T15:59:24.106Z
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Man's Search For Meaning Reading Group 2022-03-11T18:35:48.640Z
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EA Anywhere Discussion: Why I find longtermism hard 2022-01-26T15:03:10.958Z
Project For Awesome 2022: Info & Planning Event 2022-01-26T15:01:22.138Z


Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on Online EA bookclub, anyone? · 2023-01-31T15:38:33.134Z · EA · GW

Hi Manuel, we've been running a monthly book club at EA Anywhere for more than a year now. You can find the list of the books we read and discussion questions in this folder. I also really like this ranked list of EA-relevant books and often use it for inspiration.

But we host only one discussion per book which is different from, say, the 8-week The Precipice reading group or the 6-week WWOtF reading group curriculum.

We have a #study-buddy channel on EA Anywhere Slack designed specifically for finding collaborators, reading buddies, and accountability partners. It has >4000 members so it might be a good idea to post there as well.

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on Worldview Upgrader Quiz · 2022-11-12T17:13:39.228Z · EA · GW

We have rescheduled the event from November 13 to December 4th because one of the organizers is sick, sorry for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, you can explore quizzes on the most common misconceptions via Gapminder.

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on Test Your Knowledge of the World's Biggest Problems · 2022-11-09T21:06:25.974Z · EA · GW

I'm a big fan of Gapminder and their quizzes on global development. Good to see more content like that. I even scheduled an event at EA Anywhere based on your quiz. Thanks for putting it all together!

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on Progress Open Thread: EAGxVirtual 2022 · 2022-11-04T22:21:43.647Z · EA · GW

Update: all the talks from the conference are now available in this playlist.

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on Progress Open Thread: EAGxVirtual 2022 · 2022-10-22T15:11:01.473Z · EA · GW

Hi Mischi, all the talks, workshops, and fireside chats will be available on CEA's YouTube channel next week.

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on EAGxVirtual: A virtual venue, timings, and other updates · 2022-10-21T19:26:28.569Z · EA · GW

You should have received the Swapcard invite by now. If not, please reach out to

We process registrations manually, so once you signed up for the conference there is a small delay before you get the Swapcard link.

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on Apply now - EAGxVirtual (21-23 Oct) · 2022-09-13T21:24:39.978Z · EA · GW

Thanks for pointing this out, Andy! I've updated the post. The application deadline is October 19th.

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on EAGxVirtual 2022 · 2022-09-13T21:22:07.020Z · EA · GW

The deadline is 8:00 UTC on 19 October.

(I added this to the event description)

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on Apply now - EAGxVirtual (21-23 Oct) · 2022-09-13T21:11:30.831Z · EA · GW

Thanks, Kirsten! We will announce a tentative agenda in 2-3 weeks.

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on Movie Review: The Story of Louis Pasteur · 2022-09-11T20:04:37.875Z · EA · GW

Thanks for sharing the review, Ozy. I picked the movie for a watch party and everyone loved it! It touches on so many topics relevant to EA, definitely worth watching. And it aged really well, some scenes are very sweet and touching.

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on "Drain Putin's brains" (help skilled Russians emigrate) as effective intervention to end the war sooner? · 2022-04-13T14:26:24.375Z · EA · GW

Recently someone asked me to comment on an article "Want to hurt Putin? Back a brain drain from Russia". It's a slightly edited version of my response.

From a personal perspective, I would be happy to support refugee quotas or immigration quotas for Russian in Europe or the US. One of the EAs from Russia even wrote a post on that. Right now, it's even more challenging to get a visa to Europe if you have a Russian passport than before the war. Baltic states stopped issuing tourist visas for Russian, and Norway stopped issuing residential visas. I've been waiting for a UK visa for two months to attend EA Global and didn't get it, probably due to rising concerns about issuing visas to Russian citizens. I'm not mentioning that it's problematic even to pay a visa fee right now, because Visa/Mastercard stopped working in Russia.

But from a big-picture perspective, I don't think the goals described in the article would be met by this kind of action:

  • The role of the IT sector in Russian GDP is negligible, ~1%. Putin relies on the army, repression mechanisms, and oil exports. Not on well-educated tech industry workers who can relocate and be welcomed in the West.
  • The state made multiple announcements that society is "cleaning itself" from traitors with Western values, who are relocating abroad right now. So Putin is even happy that these high-skilled people are leaving the country. Because it's the same people who support independent media, join street protests, and ask for change. He doesn't care about decreasing GDP, he cares about staying in charge. 
  • Almost everyone who is working for the military is banned from traveling abroad. They can do it only 3-5 years after dismissal. Keep in mind that after 22 years of Putin's regime the militaries are pretty loyal due to the negative selection processes.
Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now? · 2022-03-03T17:44:52.085Z · EA · GW

For the majority of my Russian friends, Meduza is the main news source. It's more than a news aggregator. They release a lot of exclusive content, podcasts, interviews, newsletter, and FAQs on the most important topics. They also do fact-checking and have inside sources within the government. 

In recent days most of the independent media operated from Russia were blocked (e.g., TV Rain channel, Echo of Moscow radio station). There are almost no "other sources" left. And most important, the Russian government can't threaten the editors, because Meduza is based in Riga, Latvia. Even if it gets blocked in Russia, it will be still accessible through their app or VPNs.

They have an English edition too, here're some examples of their recent journalism that I recommend:

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now? · 2022-03-03T17:19:20.680Z · EA · GW

Unfortunately, TV Rain website was blocked a few days ago by the Russian government and they suspended all the broadcasting. They operated from Moscow and risks of repressions for them were really high.

I would say that Meduza is the main independent news source in Russia right now. They can experience funding gaps because a lot of Russian citizens won't be able to make donations with their bank cards because of sanctions. Thanks for your donations!

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now? · 2022-02-24T23:52:58.165Z · EA · GW

Advocate for introducing strict sanctions against Putin's friends and Kremlin-linked Russian oligarchs. That's what Navalny has been talking about for many years: "There is no sense to sanction generals who are definitely not traveling a lot or have bank accounts in Europe".

My intuition is that Putin doesn't care much about money anymore and he's more concerned about impacting history, but his surroundings do care about their property and bank accounts. 

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now? · 2022-02-24T23:40:02.485Z · EA · GW

Support free press and non-profits combating political persecution in Russia. Russian propaganda works well and poisons western media as well as local people's minds. People in Russia should have access to trustworthy sources of information. Those who aren't scared to express their opinions in public should have access to legal assistance: today 1700 people involved in street protests against the war were arrested.

Personally, I donate to Meduza (Russian online newspaper and news aggregator) and OVD-Info (human rights service). Both of them have been labeled as "foreign agents" in Russia.

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on EA Anywhere Lightning Talks · 2022-02-19T18:28:10.850Z · EA · GW

Here's a preliminary schedule for the event:

  1. Ben Williamson - Effective Self-Help. Strategies for more effective behavior change
  2. Madhu Sriram - Behind-the-scenes work involved in running a chapter of a nonprofit
  3. Simon Newstead - How to become an impact investor
  4. Thomas Francine - How Skinny Dip Day helps to raise money for Fistula Foundation
  5. Harrison Durland - The potential value of “epistemic mapping” for metascience/meta-research
  6. Mike Pool - A strength-building exercise routine and diet
Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on How to make Slack workspaces welcoming and valuable · 2022-01-12T15:28:00.173Z · EA · GW

Thanks for bringing this up! CEA helped EA Anywhere get a free Slack pro plan - they might be able to do the same for other groups. Those interested should contact

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on How to make Slack workspaces welcoming and valuable · 2022-01-10T14:33:21.224Z · EA · GW

I've listed existing Slack workspaces I know here and included invite links where possible.

You can also look through a list of existing online groups on EA Hub. It contains more groups because a lot of them are hosted on Facebook and do not have Slack.

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on How to make Slack workspaces welcoming and valuable · 2022-01-09T15:01:17.191Z · EA · GW

By creating #announcements channel where only admins can post you can separate group updates from other posts and discussions. The goal is to increase the visibility of important announcements everyone should know about. #general is usually the default channel for discussions and sources everyone in the workspace might be interested in, so the posting rate is higher there.

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on [Updated] EA conferences in 2022: save the dates · 2021-12-16T09:09:58.421Z · EA · GW

We've exchanged preliminary thoughts on EAGxVirtual with Lizka and agreed that it would be better to run a completely virtual conference instead of a hybrid next year. It will allow taking full advantage of the virtual format instead of mirroring the in-person conferences. EA Anywhere team would be happy to contribute to organizing this. We're in touch with the CEA, but not ready to announce anything yet.

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on Local priorities research: what is it, who should consider doing it, and why · 2020-10-15T12:16:04.627Z · EA · GW

I think LPR can actually make a group more welcoming rather than unwelcoming if it's located outside of EA hubs. Without LPR, career advice will be suitable only for a tiny amount of people who consider moving abroad where effective organizations are located. After research on local high-impact careers, there'll be suitable advice at least for some people who doesn't consider moving. A lot of people don't want to live abroad because of family bonds/not enough career capital/language barriers, and it's preferable for the community to have some thoughts on local impactful careers.

Thanks for your effort!

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on Idea for a YouTube show about effective altruism · 2020-04-24T07:56:58.134Z · EA · GW

Last year I've created a channel on effective altruism in Russian and made five videos on various topics, focusing mostly on introduction to main cause areas and fighting popular misconceptions on foreign aid (no English subtitles available, sorry). Each video was ~10 minutes long and they got >4000 views in total. With videos, I reached a 50 times larger audience than with offline public talks, but it was very time-consuming. I spent around 30-35 hours on making each video and eventually stopped making new ones, even though the audience was very friendly and people still reaching me out almost every week and asking about new videos. I'll be happy to share my experience in making these videos if needed.

I think that creating a community space on YouTube and creating high-quality videos would be valuable, and I'll be happy to hear if someone does this. But the conversion rate from YouTube viewers to actively involved EA members could be very low. That's why in my videos I focused mostly on fighting ignorance, introducing ideas/books/research/organizations, and creating a better culture of charitable giving without actively promoting EA.

The show should respond to what viewers are interested in seeing content about rather than promoting a particular EA cause or philosophy.

Strongly agree with that, I think the show should introduce viewers to ideas & opportunities rather than promote a particular philosophy.

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on Where to find EA-related videos · 2020-03-10T11:38:03.823Z · EA · GW

Animal Welfare

Animal Charity Evaluators has a channel with educational videos, public talks, and grantees updates.

Global health and development

J-PAL uploads lots of lectures about development economics and RCTs, as well as explanations of their research.

Econimate is a channel aimed at making cutting-edge research in economics accessible and engaging. What questions are economists asking, how are they tackling them, and how does this research help us understand the world around us.

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on edoarad's Shortform · 2020-02-09T19:16:21.842Z · EA · GW

Here's a review of several courses from the program. I'm currently studying the third course out of five, and then I want to apply for on-campus accelerated Master's at MIT. I'll be happy to answer questions about the program if you have them.

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on Will 'Team Trees' be Effective? · 2019-10-31T10:47:05.142Z · EA · GW

I've done some investigation into this. All money goes to Arbor Day Foundation, but they are not planting trees themselves and work with partners like the US Forest Service.

To estimate cost-effectiveness we need to know tree mortality rate and estimated lifespan. The first factor depends on the region and maintenance level. US Forest Service estimated a 3% mortality rate per year. It takes around 40 years for a tree to absorb a tonne of CO2, and at least 30% of planted trees will survive to this age (0.97^40 ~ 30%). It's harder to estimate lifespan because trees can live hundreds and thousands of years. But it's less relevant if we want to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere in this century, not in the distant future. From these calculations, I can conclude that the cost-effectiveness of this program in the next 40 years must be around 3.3$ per tonne CO2 absorbed or cheaper. But it's just my back-of-the-envelope calculation for those who want some numbers. For example, Founders Pledge recommended intervention by The Coalition for Rainforest Nations avert a tonne of CO2 for 0.12$ with a plausible range $0.02-$0.72 (report). And these emissions will be averted right now, not in the future when trees grow up.

Overall, I stayed neutral to this campaign. On the one hand, I feel that it bring a lot of counterfactual dollars that would not be spent on charity otherwise. On the other, I think that paying too much attention to tree planting can take us away from the importance of reducing emissions.

Comment by Alex Berezhnoi (Alex_Berezhnoy) on Notes on “The Art of Gathering” · 2018-12-07T12:01:34.610Z · EA · GW

David, thank you for a useful summary.

I already use some of the techniques (for example, closed space with chairs in the circle creates more friendly and warm atmosphere, than open space with low density and classroom style chairs).

We've been organizing meetups for 4 month and made some mistakes. Sometimes guests were bored, or they were expecting something else, because we chose improper audience sources. But meetups become better as we learn, and we'll use this advices to make them even better.

For me the most important idea here is to think more about the purpose of meetup and use it as a framework, reflect on it at the start and at the end (I've often started with logistics like timeline or rules).