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Comment by ASB on Peak defense vs trough defense in biosecurity · 2021-12-17T15:15:18.228Z · EA · GW

Thanks! And yes, this seems right to me.

Comment by ASB on Biosecurity needs engineers and materials scientists · 2021-12-16T21:11:21.451Z · EA · GW

Huge +1 to this. If anybody is reading this and wants to get funded to start down this career track, please apply to Open Phil's biosecurity scholarship:

The program supports independent projects for people to learn about a field as well as degree programs.

Comment by ASB on People in bunkers, "sardines" and why biorisks may be overrated as a global priority · 2021-10-23T02:42:56.096Z · EA · GW

Thanks Evan, and welcome to the forum!  I agree this is an important question for prioritization, and does imply that AI is substantially more important than bio (a statement I believe despite working on biosecurity, at least if we are only considering longtermism).  As Linch mentioned, we have policies/norms against publicly brainstorming information hazards.  If somebody is concerned about a biology risk that might constitute an information hazard, they can contact me privately to discuss options for responsible disclosure.

Comment by ASB on Getting money out of politics and into charity · 2020-10-08T23:19:43.230Z · EA · GW

One possible advantage to using the platform would be that donations to charities are tax deductible, whereas donations to campaigns are not. If set up well, this mechanism could enable somebody to 'donate' to a campaign with tax deductibility.

Comment by ASB on A love letter to civilian OSINT, and possibilities as a tool in EA · 2020-07-11T15:41:29.515Z · EA · GW

Strong upvote. I think more people should be considering this as a skill/career to develop. For arms control and verification, I feel like these tools are potentially being overlooked (and could be useful across multiple GCR/xrisk-relevant areas).

I've heard good things about Jeffrey Lewis and his thinking on OSINT tools on the nuclear side of things: