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Here are a few typical use cases:

  • a process whereby a few team members have to collaborate (for example reviewing forms submitted via a webpage with one person doing the initial screening, selecting a subset of the forms for a second person to review and sending response to the form submitter). While this can be done using a spreadsheet and email, it does not scale well and has a lot of friction without a proper system. Building an end-to-end solution with notifications and automation allows scaling it up massively without increasing overheads.

  • creating data-driven reports allows making better decisions on the basis of trends rather than anecdotal evidence. Example: customer support team sees an increase of queries about a particular topic shortly after a software release. Flagging it up early speeds up getting it resolved and drives customer satisfaction.

  • storing better data about volunteers/donors to help tailoring more relevant marketing messages for them increasing engagement. Can I get a list of donors who recently attended an event and are interested in animal welfare? No problem!

In general, it's about storing the relevant organization data in a way that contributes to getting more done, more efficiently and more transparently.

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True, independent advice can save time and costs.

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Thanks for writing this useful advice, much appreciated!

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Following the topic with interest, as someone coming to the EA-world mid-career with background in operations and looking to apply my skills in an EA org. I saw the 80,000 hours article with the 2020 update and was somewhat disappointed but realize that there are a lot of orgs out there with various needs and expectations.

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Fascinating ideas!

#7 should say 'prizes' instead of 'prices'.