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Comment by emwalz on Volunteering abroad · 2022-05-13T15:59:15.825Z · EA · GW

I think there's a ton of benefit of spending time in communities that center around learning and intentional relating. You could look at the Global Ecovillage Network or  I also would promote designing your own learning journey based around a project or research question and using that as an excuse to network with amazing people and hopefully offer them some useful synthesis in the end. I think designing something that centers around a research question thats important to you will lead you to pursing things enthusiastically and actually following through. It's not typical 'volunteering' but when I've done things in this spirit it's led to some amazing unexpected outcomes with rippling effects.

Comment by emwalz on Optimize... Everything? · 2022-05-03T02:23:52.655Z · EA · GW

I appreciate your willingness to put this aspect of your lived experience into writing and share it. I hear that's its not inclusive of every angle or experience - and think the forum can be a really helpful place to find people going through similar experiences. Mostly commenting to support the  processing, naming, and sharing of the vast, deep, and sometimes confuddling experience that is community building in a goal-oriented, highly calculating community that is very much in the thick of teenage growing pains.

Comment by emwalz on Resources for better understanding aptitudes? · 2022-04-20T17:25:49.360Z · EA · GW

For the last few months I've been considering what it would look like to create an EA-curated learning hub that offered the best resources to level up in various skills related to EA.  To clarify - are you looking for resources to build these aptitudes or more a breakdown of subskills within each aptitude?

The project as I've envisioned would focus on curating existing tools, resources, practice outlets more than content creation. I wasn't sure if this had been done in any areas outside of reading lists, the few AI courses I've seen, the Animal Welfare careers course, and  Effective self help's synthesized research on behavior change.

Comment by emwalz on What general financial advising advice would you give to EAs? · 2022-04-08T16:33:12.875Z · EA · GW

Amazing, thanks for surfacing these resources Brendon. Will dig in and follow up with any further learnings or questions I feel may be generally applicable. As someone who does not spend much time using financial language, I appreciate the array of resources you've shared. 

Comment by emwalz on What are academic disciplines, movements or organisations that you think EA should try to learn more from? · 2022-03-23T13:05:43.013Z · EA · GW

Which DA software systems are worth looking closer at? Have you done any preliminary analysis to know? I would be keen to find one worth using…

Comment by emwalz on Introducing Training for Good (TFG) · 2021-10-12T21:17:51.023Z · EA · GW

I imagine you can source entrepreneurial minded folks in more promising places than high schools - likely there are masters programs that teach a course on entrepreneurship, say as part of a environment, policy, or food systems related program, that would have early to mid range professionals who often graduate with less clarity/job leads than expected from a masters program (speaking from anecdotal knowledge). But connecting with a few professors at universities would likely shed much more light.

Comment by emwalz on Open Thread: August 2021 · 2021-08-16T19:12:18.667Z · EA · GW

We're doing an in person social next week in Boulder if you want to come say hi :)

Comment by emwalz on What is the closest thing you know to EA that isn't EA? · 2021-08-16T15:16:24.703Z · EA · GW

I'm glad you mentioned this - I was just in conversation with another EA/systems thinking advocate and we saw some valuable potential to cross pollinate. Where are you based? We may scheme a bit on how to create intersection points if you'd be interested.

Comment by emwalz on Open Thread: August 2021 · 2021-08-16T15:09:19.370Z · EA · GW

We're doing an in person social next week in Boulder if you want to come say hi :)

Comment by emwalz on Open Thread: May 2021 · 2021-05-12T16:20:05.591Z · EA · GW

I would love to see how you'd solve that equation now, compared to when you first wrote it. Glad your teacher knew where to point you!

Comment by emwalz on Open Thread: May 2021 · 2021-05-04T22:53:12.488Z · EA · GW

Hello! I'm one of the folks who only recently found out about EA but have been hacking my own independent version for years... It's incredible to find what I had hoped was in existence after so long. (My portal key was this podcast episode:

It feels like walking into a room of strangers but realizing, 'Now these are my people'. The most parallel experience I've had was being invited to an Ecoversities gathering a few years back, arriving in a Costa Rica and within a few hours feeling a sense of soul belonging. (If you believe in rooted, whole-self development.. Here they are

My passion is supporting young people in finding their path and their autonomy - and I'm in the process of interviewing folks who do feel they've found a way to live an inspired, impactful life about how they got there. Anyone here want to participate? *

*Disclaimer: You don't to have all your everything figured out, would love to talk to most anyone who's found their way here.