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Comment by Felix Wolf on Books: Lend, Don't Give · 2023-03-23T22:26:59.763Z · EA · GW

Thats the same pitch you would do with giving them for free.

Comment by Felix Wolf on Giving Green team reflects on 2022 climate giving research · 2023-03-22T12:20:38.068Z · EA · GW

Thank you for the update. Improvement is always interesting, especially about Cost-effectiveness analyses. :)

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: January — March 2023 · 2023-03-01T11:23:13.862Z · EA · GW

Hi Carlos,
welcome to the Forum! 

Moya is probably the most mystic person I know of, so nice to see that you already encountered her. :D

Here in the Forum, we really try to be nice and welcoming, if you follow along, I don't see any reason this couldn't work out. ;)

If you are open to suggestions, I want to recommend you looking into the Podcast Global Optimum from Daniel Gambacorta. He talks about how you can become a more effective altruist and has some good thinking about the pros and cons of different topics, for example the episode about how altruistic should you be?.

"[…] the decision to give to charity […] is not exactly rational." Can you please explain?

With kind regards


Comment by Felix Wolf on On Philosophy Tube's Video on Effective Altruism · 2023-02-25T08:53:11.832Z · EA · GW

I think this question is more centred about elitism and EA being mostly western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic (WEIRD) than about the culture war between left and right.

Comment by Felix Wolf on Thomas Stewart's Shortform · 2023-02-17T20:46:17.754Z · EA · GW

80k has published recently a blogpost about this topic you may be interested in @Thomas Stewart.
How much do solutions to social problems differ in their effectiveness? A collection of all the studies we could find.
By Benjamin Todd · Published February 14th, 2023

Comment by Felix Wolf on High School Student Opportunities · 2023-02-17T00:19:28.905Z · EA · GW

"A 7-week online fellowship for pre-university students to start an impactful research, policy, or entrepreneurial project."

Application sadly just closed.

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: January — March 2023 · 2023-02-15T17:28:34.692Z · EA · GW

Epistemic status: quick google search, uncertain about everything, have not read the linked papers. ~15 minutes of time investment.

Source 1
The Carbon Footprint of ChatGPT

[...] ChatGPT is based on a version of GPT-3. It has been estimated that training GPT-3 consumed 1,287 MWh which emitted 552 tons CO2e [1].

Using the ML CO2 Impact calculator, we can estimate ChatGPT’s daily carbon footprint to 23.04 kgCO2e.
[...] ChatGPT probably handles way more daily requests [compared to Bloom], so it might be fair to expect it has a larger carbon footprint.

Source 2
The carbon footprint of ChatGPT
3.82 tCO₂e per day

Also, maybe take a look into this paper about a different language model:

Quantifying the Carbon Emissions of Machine Learning 

You can play a bit with this calculator, which was also used in source 1:
ML CO2 Impact 


Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: January — March 2023 · 2023-02-11T16:28:08.903Z · EA · GW

Hey Axiotes,
congratulations on your accepted EAG application! Here are three articles you may find interesting.

My personal tips are: take time for yourself and don't overwhelm yourself too much. Write down beforehand how the best EAG would look like to you and how a great EAG would look like. Take notes on what you want to accomplish and what to speak about in your 1o1s. Make 1o1s and have a good, productive time. After the EAG reevaluate what happened, what you have learned and write down next steps.

Comment by Felix Wolf on Thomas Stewart's Shortform · 2023-02-10T22:38:43.534Z · EA · GW

He refers to this shortform:

@Thomas Stewart I wish you good luck for your application. As a side note, I hope you already send your application to the Charity Entrepreneurship before you asked on the forum for an answer of the application quiz.

Comment by Felix Wolf on “Community” posts have their own section, subforums are closing, and more (Forum update February 2023) · 2023-02-10T09:43:00.198Z · EA · GW

Give Community Posts and Recommendations a "load more" button to expand them on the frontpage.

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: January — March 2023 · 2023-02-09T23:55:50.142Z · EA · GW

Hey Marc,

here is a workable link to your post from October: 

Comment by Felix Wolf on Solidarity for those Rejected from EA Global · 2023-02-09T10:36:29.331Z · EA · GW

But the proposed access free EAG would result in something with the vibe of an EAGx.

EAG career conference for folks already working in high impact areas.
EAGx community conference for everyone.

Is an EAG so different from an EAGx that we need a single huge EAG somewhere, where everyone can attend? And wouldn't this undermine the distinction?

Which need is not addressed in an EAGx?

Comment by Felix Wolf on Solidarity for those Rejected from EA Global · 2023-02-09T09:37:45.067Z · EA · GW

It almost feels like there should be 2 global conferences [...].

There are two EA global conferences.

EAG with high restriction and EAGx with a much lower bar for attendance and higher frequency.

EA Global is organized by the Centre for Effective Altruism, while EAGx is organized by members of the EA community, with support from the EA Global team [...].

The target audience for EAGx events is broader than EAG, but tends to have a more regional focus.

EA Global is mostly aimed at people who have a solid understanding of the core ideas of EA and who are taking significant actions based on those ideas. Many EA Global attendees are already professionally working on effective-altruism-inspired projects or working out how best to work on such projects.

EAGx conferences are primarily for people who are:

  • Familiar with the core ideas of effective altruism
  • Interested in learning more about what to do with these ideas
  • From the region or country where the conference is taking place (or living there) 

Comment by Felix Wolf on Thomas Stewart's Shortform · 2023-02-07T22:56:26.716Z · EA · GW

There are some interventions which are up to 10,000 x better, comparing them to low performing ones, but I don't think the question is intended this way.

Quote from a GivingWhatWeCan Giving Game Slide:Screenshot from the Giving Game Presentation slide

The best charities can be at least ten times better than a typical charity within the same area, or hundreds of times better than poor-performing charities. Some charities even actively harm those they seek to help.

The source for this claim can be found here:
The Moral Imperative Towards Cost-Effectiveness by Toby Ord

[...] moving money from the least effective intervention to the most effective would produce about 15,000 times the benefit, and even moving it from the median intervention to the most effective would produce about 60 times the benefit.

I think the question is intended the way that "10 – 100 x times" is the correct answer. But please take a look into the essay from Toby Ord and decide for yourself. 

Comment by Felix Wolf on Moving community discussion to a separate tab (a test we might run) · 2023-02-07T22:21:50.302Z · EA · GW

My need is to have Community posts on the front page in one place, easy to reach and without jumping into the separated Topic section of the forum. This change would suffice my need.

This can also be achieved by clicking on the Community filter and changing the sorting filter from Relevant to Magic (New & Upvoted) but this means one extra click with the sorting, where I cannot change the default sorting.

Clicking on the filter to get into the topics section of the Community brings me into a whole new site without the useful hyperlinks on the left side. Replacing it with a list of who wrote the description of the topic header, which is not useful for me on a daily basis.

Comment by Felix Wolf on [deleted post] 2023-02-02T09:09:12.077Z

"No shared item found with provided id." 

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: January — March 2023 · 2023-01-26T13:24:10.489Z · EA · GW

Hey Matt,

welcome to the EA Forum. :)

Your personal guidelines translate well into our community guidelines here in the forum. No worries on that front.

If you want any guidance on where to find more information or where to start, feel free to ask or write me a personal message. 

I was browsing your website/blog and found a missing page:
The presentation is offline atm. I hope this helps. :D

A suggestion for your work as lead head deputy associate administrator and facilitator could be to visit this website: 

Non-Trivial sponsors fellowships for student projects, which is something you could do in the future, but more importantly for now maybe take a look at their course:

"How to (actually) change the world" could be interesting.

With kind regards


Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: January — March 2023 · 2023-01-20T10:25:01.647Z · EA · GW

Hey Silas,

welcome to the Forum. I wish you the best of luck to find a fulfilling career. :)

If you have any kind of question on where to find resources or what not, feel free to ask.

With kind regards


Comment by Felix Wolf on Possible changes to EA, a big upvoted list · 2023-01-19T08:19:35.731Z · EA · GW

What is the line: Karma or Agreement?

Comment by Felix Wolf on Book critique of Effective Altruism · 2023-01-18T01:04:17.560Z · EA · GW

Hey Manuel,
thanks for pointing this out. 

Your first post passed the scrutiny. Congratulations. ;-)

I suggest adding a link to the Amazon page with the book. Like this: or better inside your text like this.

You are welcome.

Comment by Felix Wolf on Nathan Young's Shortform · 2023-01-18T00:48:26.329Z · EA · GW

Hey Nathan,

thank you for the ranking list. :)

I don't think you need to start with zero karma again. The karma system is not supposed to mean very much. It is heavily favoured in certain aspects than a true representation of your skill or trustworthiness as a user on this forum. It is more or less a xp bar for social situations and is an indicator that someone posts good content here.

Let's look at an example:

Aaron Gertler retired from the forum, someone who is in high regard, which got a lot of attention and sympathy. Many people were interested in the post, and it's an easy topic to participate. So many were scrolling down to the comments to write something nice and thanking him for his work.

JP Addison did so too. He works for CEA and as a developer for the forum. His comment got more Karma than any post he made so far.

Karma is used in many places with different concepts behind it. The sum of it gives you no clear information. What I would think in your case: you are an active member of the forum, participate positively with only one post with negative karma. You participated in the FTX crisis discussion, which was an opportunity to gain or lose significant amounts of karma, but you survived it, probably with a good score.

Internetpoints can make you feel fantastic, they are a system to motivate for social interaction and to follow the community norms (in positive and negative ways).

Your modesty suits you well, but there is no need to. Stand upwards. There will always be those with few points but really good content, and those who overshoot the gems by far with activity.

Comment by Felix Wolf on Posts from 2022 you thought were valuable (or underrated) · 2023-01-18T00:07:54.201Z · EA · GW

How would you implement such a system? How could the system know if something is worth their karma points and something else is underrated?

Comment by Felix Wolf on Your 2022 EA Forum Wrapped 🎁 · 2023-01-03T13:30:28.435Z · EA · GW

Suggestion: make the wrap up easily shareable. Download as a .jpg for example.

I had to make a screenshot on my phone which did not captured everything.

I really enjoy this feature. :)

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: October — December 2022 · 2022-12-26T16:01:57.014Z · EA · GW

Hey Francis,
welcome to the EA Forum. :)

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: October — December 2022 · 2022-12-15T02:18:34.769Z · EA · GW

Hi Andie,
welcome to the EA Forum. Maybe add a bio, so everyone can see what interests you have.

Is there a specific cause area which you find the most interesting?

Have a nice day. :)

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: October — December 2022 · 2022-11-26T09:11:35.213Z · EA · GW

Hi Simon,

your playlist starts with video no. 3, 2, 1 and ends with 4. Is this the intended order?

The following documents are missing on your Google Drive:

Verification of educational institutions Kenya:

Risk Assessment Report - Kenya

I have moral and safety concerns regarding your project and especially the Cardano blockchain. In your risk assessment report, you did not acknowledge the risks of proof of stake blockchain and NFTs.

I like the progress update and github page where you list your goals and if you reached them.

In your funding proposal F6, you stated this timeline:
“Phase 3: August 2022 - October 2022 (12 months)

  • Completion of both the donor side dApp and recipient mechanism for receiving funds.
  • First pilot testing in high schools and universities in Ethiopia. 30 students registered on the platform. 
  • Finalized research proposal submitted for large grant application to properly fund the project.
  • Initiate meetings with larger organisations such as the World Bank, UNHCR or the Red Cross who might be interested in the technology for related uses.”

Do you have a page where you have the track record based on the timelines you stated?

For someone reading the forum, here two articles on Cardano in the African educational system.

Why a Little-Known Blockchain-Based Identity Project in Ethiopia Should Concern Us All

Ethiopia’s blockchain deal is a watershed moment

Let's hope (?) this does not fail too badly.

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: October — December 2022 · 2022-11-22T12:48:07.115Z · EA · GW

Hello Ander,

welcome to the Forum. Nice to see you here, I hope the Manchester city group is still flourishing.

Looking forward to your first post!

With kind regards


Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: October — December 2022 · 2022-11-14T08:11:10.088Z · EA · GW

Hello Jakob,
welcome to the forum and greetings from Germany. *wave*


Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: October — December 2022 · 2022-11-09T10:24:59.095Z · EA · GW

Hey Dan, welcome to the forum. :)

Yesterday I hold my first Giving Game for the local EA group and some students and I was thinking about going into the schools with such an intervention.

I will write you a PN regarding this.

Have a nice day and hope to see you in the comments on some other posts here too. ;)

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: October — December 2022 · 2022-11-09T10:17:40.809Z · EA · GW

Hello Michael, welcome to EA and the forum. :)

Thank you for the teaser of your post coming next week, I am currious about your theory of change and how you plan to outperform existing high impact charities.

If you want me to read your post beforehand for a short feedback I can help you.



PS: nice to hear you participate in the fellowship, have fun in the discussions. :) I am currently doing a longtermism fellowship organized by EA Munich from Germany.

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: October — December 2022 · 2022-11-04T08:56:23.808Z · EA · GW

Hey Miguel,

welcome to the Forum. I am curious, in which projects were you involved so far? Always happy to learn about interesting stuff EAs do.

And one question regarding your YouTube channel, do you have the copyright permission for posting the content of other creators?

Thank you, and also a wonderful day. :)

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: October — December 2022 · 2022-11-01T22:52:13.188Z · EA · GW

Hello Dominion,

welcome to EA and the EA forum! :)

I organized Clean-Ups, study forestry and was into foodsharing (>400k people in Germany which work against food waste), so I really like your cause areas. :D 

I would really like to see some of your work, can you please show us some or send me a personal message?

If you need help with navigation, feel free to ask me and I will try to help out. I did not look into the EA for Christians topic in the past, but here is what I found, which could be helpful:



With kind regards


Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: October — December 2022 · 2022-10-31T12:06:42.086Z · EA · GW

Hello Dom,

welcome to EA and welcome to the forum!

If you want to connect with the local EA scene in Rome, here have some links:

EA Italy website:

Social media:


Rome local group:

"I don’t know how I can contribute" - read more about EA, join a fellowship and meetup with the local EA group. Find out what's your cause area could be and connect with others on an EAGX (after the intro fellowship).

You can join existing projects, create your own, or just do earning to give and be part of the community. It is very nice to see you here. For starters, maybe add a bio to your forum profile, so others can see what you are interested in. :)
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about EA or want to discuss a certain topic.

With kind regards

Felix Wolf

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: October — December 2022 · 2022-10-27T07:40:42.167Z · EA · GW

Hey Mischi,
welcome to EA and the forum. :)

If you want to connect with the local EA scene, write me a PN and I will give you the links.



Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: October — December 2022 · 2022-10-27T07:38:37.543Z · EA · GW

Hello Victoria,
welcome to the forum! Have fun participating here, maybe subscribe to the newsletter. It's a good way to stay in touch. :)


Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: October — December 2022 · 2022-10-22T00:24:45.990Z · EA · GW

Hello Jason,

welcome to the forum! Nice to hear you are comfortable with earning to give as your cause area.

I have some questions regarding your donation website.

Where do you get your rating for the projects? Sometimes you are unable to find data from charity evaluation sites, and then you typically list it with:

Impact Evidence – Strong
Relative Need – Stronger
Financial Transparency  – Strongest
Financial Efficiency – Strongest

The last two are usually given the best rating, even if you have no external sources which you normally use to justify the rating.

For example:

Do you have further information on the difference between strong, stronger and strongest? What qualifies for each rating?

You mention that your team spend hundreds of hours in research, but never says it anything about the conclusion and methods they used specifically. Can you please provide us with more information how you decide to list an organization and how you choose your ratings?

I have different request, please link your sources.
I was curious about your claim that your work (big blessing?) was mentioned in the Washington Post, and I was unable to find it via Google. Only after I used your name in the search, I found the post:
Bless Big was not mentioned.

Thank you and have a great weekend. :)


Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: October — December 2022 · 2022-10-21T12:44:20.713Z · EA · GW

Hello Malte,

welcome to the forum and to EA! We have local groups in Hannover, Göttingen and Magdeburg. Hannover has an online reading group, Göttingen has weekly meetings in person & hybrid (we are doing a career workshop at the 13/11/22). Magdeburg seems to be inactive since 2020.

So, if you want to connect, this would be a possibility. I can give you the contact information for each group if you want.

Also, today is the last day to apply for the career fellowship from EA Germany:

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more or talk about something different. :)

Greetings from Hildesheim.

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: June — September 2022 · 2022-10-09T17:04:24.895Z · EA · GW

Hey Rob,

welcome to EA and the forum. Nice to hear you are already engaged so deep with the material. I suggest just writing the local group, maybe they have meetings and are not advertising them correctly.

Have a nice day. :)

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: June — September 2022 · 2022-10-06T11:37:44.190Z · EA · GW

Welcome to the EA forum Aithir. :)

I want to learn more about truthfulness, but a quick google search stranded into meaningless. Can you please recommend something to learn more about this principle and why you think it is more important than the concerns about spreading potential harmful information? 

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: June — September 2022 · 2022-09-19T18:32:18.721Z · EA · GW

Welcome Danielle,

nice to see you here! The EA movement can help you with your career choices. I really recomment getting in touch with a group either local or virtual.

If you want to learn more about EA, a Fellowship is a good way to learn together and share your different views and arguments or if you want to learn more which career would be a good fit for you book an 1o1 with someone. Don't be shy to hit on people and write them if you have an idea or a question.

The community is here for you. :)

PS: Reading recommendation time. I belive in you can only give a book away as a present which you have read yourself, so I will recommend you Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind : Harari, Yuval Noah. The title gives its premise away but it really helped me to extent my view on our species and the timescales we are dealing with (important for longtermism and our own historical perspective). I recommend it partially because I just finished Homo Deus from the same author and it makes a good addition to the first book.

Also maybe look here:
I scraped all public "Effective Altruists" Goodreads reading lists

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: June — September 2022 · 2022-09-15T10:03:38.966Z · EA · GW

I did not know about the second channel. Thanks for pointing it out. Riccardo said he watched an interview, my mistake.

This youtuber seems to be popular, I saw some folks mentioning him here. Maybe I will give him a try.

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: June — September 2022 · 2022-09-15T08:45:05.603Z · EA · GW

Welcome to the EA forum Mr. Baldwin.

I like to link to stuff others pointed out so it is easier to get to the content. Here is a link to the podcast episode of People I (Mostly) Admire with William MacAskill:

Episode 86, A Million-Year View on Morality (52:31)
"Philosopher Will MacAskill thinks about how to do as much good as possible. But that’s really hard, especially when you’re worried about humans who won’t be born for many generations." 

"If we discount at the conservative rate of 2% per year [...]".
This argument strikes me as one from Richard A. Posner presented in his book: Catastrophe: Risk and Response (

This idea is known in the community but I am looking forward for your post and the discussion beneath it. :)

Also big kudos to donating based on effectiveness over the past decades (and donating at all). I think this could also deserve a post, on your history of figuring out which donation is effective and how you choose between them.


Comment by Felix Wolf on New? Start here! (Useful links) · 2022-09-13T23:05:39.625Z · EA · GW

Since we are fixing broken links here, we have a outdated one here.

We currently link to the old handbook: 

instead of the new one: 

Every other link worked just fine.

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: June — September 2022 · 2022-09-13T22:47:51.154Z · EA · GW

dear hank & john 002 - It's a Humor Podcast! (a very brief mention at question 1) 

This redditor asked a related question:
"Did Hank and/or John ever comment on effective altruism? Where?" (it says 1 comment but I am unable to find it, mabye I dont know reddit too well)

A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor by Hank Green could be considered EA related: 

There was a cooperation with their charity event:
"Join our Project for Awesome workshop to make videos for high-impact charities, in order to win money for them and introduce them to a wider audience! During Project for Awesome, a community-driven charitable event created by Hank and John Green, thousands of people create videos advocating for various charities. Then, people vote for their favorite videos during a 48-hour continuous live stream. Last year, the effective altruism community won about $190,000 split across 7 charities: The Against Malaria Foundation, The Good Food Institute, GiveDirectly, Clean Air Task Force, The Humane League, Givewell Maximum Impact Fund, and Wild Animal Initiative. Three of the EA community's videos were featured, and John gave a shoutout to EA." 

So they know GiveWell and Effective Altruism.

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: June — September 2022 · 2022-09-13T22:15:56.341Z · EA · GW

Hello Tom,

welcome to the EA community. I also encountered EA related topics countless times before joining (Give Well, 80k, LessWrong, ...). Nice to see you here. :)

Now to your questions.

I dont know if 80k works with career advisers in educational institutions, but I know that they will answer your question fast and in detail if you write them directly:

Doing good better is published in 2015. Carbon capture and sequestration is still future tech and does not resolve the problem with rising climate gases.

Simon Clark did a video on this topic lately, condemning the tech:

Have a look into the IPCC report and look for yourself: 

Why not just donate to the best cause?
The best cause is specific to you. It is good practice to splitt your donations on different cause areas, since you have different interests and want to improve the world in different areas.
If everyone would be like a perfect robot and is only donating to the best cause at the time every donation would go to them, thus making everyone else neglected which would make them the best cause in return.

You don't have to donate strictly to one cause area, feel free to decide in which area you want to have an impact and then search where you could make the biggest impact.

Nice to see that you have read quite some EA literature and that you are working together with your students to make the world a better place. The saying goes in the education for Sustainable Development:"think globally, act locally."

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: June — September 2022 · 2022-09-13T21:56:13.774Z · EA · GW

Welcome Fazle,

a good way to learn more about EA is to participate in the Intro Fellowship. Take a look here: 

I watched the Kurtzgesagt video too and was so hyped if it would bring new people to the plattform. Nice to see you here. I hope you can get the necessary information for you out of here and learn something. :)

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: June — September 2022 · 2022-09-13T21:51:36.658Z · EA · GW

Hello Sarah,

welcome and thank you for your donations! Even if it makes you feel good to donate and you do it because of this good feeling it would be completely fine to feel this way. If not, also great. :)

I am not part of the EA community in Canada but they seem to have seven local groups which you can join if you want.

Feel free to explore the forum and take a look into the handbook. 

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: June — September 2022 · 2022-09-13T21:46:00.304Z · EA · GW


Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: June — September 2022 · 2022-09-13T21:44:50.944Z · EA · GW

Welcome Arturo.

Changing our institutions to fit the existencial risks is a big part of EA. I hope you find a group where you can participate, learn something new and change the world to be a bit better than before. :)

Comment by Felix Wolf on Open Thread: June — September 2022 · 2022-09-13T21:38:08.833Z · EA · GW

Hello Schwabilissimus,

welcome to EA and congratz to finishing your masters degree!

You can connect with the local community in Germany here: 

There are multiple ways to get career advice in EA, here are some examples:

You can learn from written text, listen to podcasts about career building or schedule a 1o1 with someone in the EA sphere.

I hope you have fun in the forum and find new insights for your journey.