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Next in the chute is GiveWell and their top charities. We are open to suggestions for future campaigns, so please comment here with any websites/orgs that have a variety of web content that could be scraped to formulate into a tweet.

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New campaign started featuring the problem profiles from 80,000 Hours.

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Thanks, fixed

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TOPIC: Effective Altruism API and Blockchain-based Donation Platform


We would like to discuss and showcase two projects under active development. The first is our effective altruism application programming interface (API). This is a public dataset of information about the notable charities and charity evaluators that we would like to expand so that researchers and developers can query and use for their own purposes and projects. We could use your help to know what type of structures and features would be most useful to the community.

The second project relates to blockchain technology. Leveraging the power of the Ethereum network, and using the aforementioned API for data, we are developing smart contracts and a frontend interface that form a decentralized application. This platform enables donors to make informed decisions about their crypto donations to notable charities, as identified by well-established charity evaluators (to include 80,000 Hours, The Life You Can Save, Animal Charity Evaluators, and Give Well).


We would like to present working prototypes of both the API and decentralized application during our time period. There would be a brief discussion as to the projects, followed by live demonstrations and Q&A.

Who We are

The Fugue Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to combining open source, decentralized technologies with the principles of effective altruism to tackle the world's greatest challenges.

Time Slot

If selected, we would prefer one of the later time sessions.

More information