Comment by georgewilliam on Volunteering for a non-EA charity - a write up · 2018-01-20T10:16:13.523Z · EA · GW

This is really interesting. Thanks for sharing your experiences regarding volunteering. Your experiences really inspire me a lot towards volunteering. As I have never been on any volunteering trip yet. But after reading this, my mind has diverted to go a mission humanitaire volunteering program soon with my cousin. As my cousin always engages with different volunteering program, he recently heard about mission humanitaire volunteering program and insisted me to go on a trip with him, but I never think of that, but after reading your experiences I think it would be good to go with him in this life changing experience.

Comment by georgewilliam on We Must Reassess What Makes a Charity Effective · 2018-01-20T10:06:11.850Z · EA · GW

Good to read!