Our thinking on our recommendation of Wild Animal Initiative 2021-07-26T10:08:40.498Z
Prepare for Counterfactual Donation Matching on Giving Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020 2020-11-25T21:08:28.977Z
Meetup : Northern Midwest EA Meetup 2015-07-19T15:59:15.269Z
Meetup : Meet up at Mad City Vegan Fest 2015-06-07T22:41:40.920Z
Meetup : Drinks & Discussion on Animal Welfare as an Effective Cause 2015-05-24T13:52:37.165Z
Meetup : Potluck & Discussion 2015-04-10T14:55:37.789Z
Meetup : Global Poverty Discussion & Prep for "Experience Poverty" Fundraiser 2015-03-23T13:19:57.970Z
Meetup : Effective Altruism Madison: Documentary + Dinner 2015-02-10T16:44:39.346Z
Meetup : EA Madison: Giving Games 2014-11-28T14:13:35.453Z
Meetup : Effective Alruism Madison (2nd meetup) 2014-11-11T20:19:57.178Z


Comment by Gina_Stuessy on Do any EA orgs accept crypto donations (unbounded) from anonymous parties or smart contracts? · 2021-12-09T20:25:38.908Z · EA · GW

Animal Charity Evaluators accepts secure donations of a variety of cryptocurrencies via The Giving Block from anonymous donors or smart contracts:

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on The case against “EA cause areas” · 2021-09-21T02:05:19.865Z · EA · GW

Agree on all points :)

And thank you, again, for bringing up this issue of acceptance.

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on The case against “EA cause areas” · 2021-09-17T01:57:45.785Z · EA · GW

Thank you for posting. I'm sorry to hear that some people in the community have been made to feel excluded or "not EA enough", and agree with ideas already shared above about how the community can behave better.

I generally agree with Aaron's comments above, and just had a few points that I don't think people have already made:


our general countermeasure is to think long and hard about potential missed opportunities and candidates for cause-X, trying to study and map ever greater territories... But is it the most efficient strategy to explore the space of opportunities? I suspect that in many cases you can’t really see very clearly the full utility of acting in some space until you actually try to do it.

I agree that we shouldn't just think about other cause areas, but jumping into working on them directly is sort of on the other extreme, pretty costly. I think people wanting to assess other cause areas that seem promising should research their history, accomplishments, failures, etc. and talk to some of the key people working in those areas. I hope and expect that people working on cause prioritization are in fact doing something like this.


From the perspective of the entire EA movement, it might be a better strategy to allocate the few individuals who possess the rare “EA mindset” across a diverse set of causes

As new potentially high-impact causes are identified, I agree, and think that this is happening. For causes which we're pretty sure are generally not as high impact, I think that EAs will most likely do more good by working within priority causes rather than working to "lift up" lower priority causes. This is based on my understanding that causes can vary in effectiveness by ~100x or more. There are surely exceptions though, where a certain intervention change in a "low priority" cause area could have a huge impact, and it'd be exciting if we found more of those opportunities.


Minor point here, but:

If we are in the business of giving career advice to wider publics

FWIW, 80k is not in that business. They say, "Our advice is focused on people who have the good fortune to have options for how to spend their career, and who want to make helping the world one of their main goals. We especially focus on college students and graduates living in rich countries like the U.S. or U.K. who want to take an analytical approach to doing good."

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on How much do you (actually) work? · 2021-06-26T04:04:47.804Z · EA · GW

I'm part-time/hourly, so have been tracking my time for years, "clocking out" for short and long breaks. I've averaged about 6.2 hours/day since the beginning of 2020 (to pick a random period of time). That excludes paid leave (holidays, PTO, sick).

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on AMA: We Work in Operations at EA-aligned organizations. Ask Us Anything. · 2021-02-22T20:24:21.439Z · EA · GW

I recall hearing from Alex Barry at the EA Summit a couple years ago who, at the time, was leading Cambridge EA (iirc) and they had an absolutely incredible rate of engagement from volunteer organizers/members contributing time to the EA group's events and activities. And huge numbers of them. IIRC, he said the key for them was to have one basic requirement: the organizers had to commit to checking and responding to Slack daily. That way, they'd know write away if someone didn't have time to keep working on something, and they'd quickly find someone else to do it.

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on AMA: We Work in Operations at EA-aligned organizations. Ask Us Anything. · 2021-02-22T20:17:14.147Z · EA · GW

There are a few ways which allow me to get involved in other areas of our organization:

  • All of our Lead staff have weekly meetings, so in those meetings I can reflect on questions other Leads bring to the group, contribute ideas, etc.
  • Our whole team tries to allow pretty good visibility of what we're working on by keeping project- or task-related information in the appropriate place in Asana and by posting brief weekly project updates in Slack.
  • We have a "reciprocity" Slack channel where we can post if we'd like someone's help on something, and that can often be someone from a different competency area than the poster's.
  • We encourage staff to join projects as Scrum Master, even if the project is outside their competency area
Comment by Gina_Stuessy on AMA: We Work in Operations at EA-aligned organizations. Ask Us Anything. · 2021-02-22T20:03:07.982Z · EA · GW

Several months ago, our team all switched over to using Asana. Before that, some were using Asana, some Trello, and maybe some neither. I believe the switch-over went pretty smoothly and there wasn't much resistance to using the new software. A few things that we did which may have contributed to the good adoption were:

  • Before selecting Asana, we asked staff to list all the features they'd like in a task management software, did research to compare a few options, and chose the one that met most (or maybe all) of staff's requested features
  • We acknowledged that this is a big shift, it'll take a few months for everyone to get comfortable with it, but that we expect greater efficiency in the long-run; expressed appreciation for staff doing the work necessary to figure out this new tool; reminded staff that this is the tool which meets most/all of their requested features
  • Wrote a guide about how to use it (I thought this didn't seem very necessary, since Asana has lots of their own tutorials and instructions, but given Sawyer's comment, maybe that helped!)
  • Together as a team over the first few months, we established conventions about how we use Asana, and documented those as a separate section in the guide (new staff read this guide as part of onboarding)
  • We held frequent (weekly?) coworking sessions for a little while, where we could ask each other questions about Asana and/or share tips
Comment by Gina_Stuessy on Ranking animal foods based on suffering and GHG emissions · 2021-01-24T21:23:54.307Z · EA · GW

This is really neat, thank you for making it!

Question: Did you take into account the following?:

  1. Culling of male chicks in the egg industry
  2. The lives of dairy cows' offspring (whether they're kept for veal or slaughtered right away)
  3. Bycatch and/or the lives of the fishes that are fed to farmed salmon?

And a couple requests:

  1. If you do make some updates, could you consider adding eggs from pasture-raised hens for comparison, too?
  2. And add wild salmon?
  3. I was surprised with how much the brain function choice affects the results, but don't have a good sense of which function is the best estimate. I wonder if there's enough of a consensus on that among animal sentience researchers for it to be appropriate to designate one of those options as "experts' choice" or "most likely" or something?
Comment by Gina_Stuessy on Ranking animal foods based on suffering and GHG emissions · 2021-01-24T21:15:47.373Z · EA · GW

I am not good at coming up with names for things, but do agree a specific URL would be nice. Maybe "meat impacts estimator" (although it's not just about meat, but "animal products impacts estimator" or "farmed animals impacts estimator" are pretty long), or some other combination of words like:

  • animal agriculture, animal products
  • impact, harms (or specifically "suffering" or "welfare" and climate")
  • calculator, estimator, estimate
Comment by Gina_Stuessy on Ask Rethink Priorities Anything (AMA) · 2020-12-21T04:32:13.460Z · EA · GW

Re: Getting work done when tired: I occasionally take Vyvanse and I haven't kept good records on this, but anecdotally, if you look at the days I feel more focused and work longer hours, those are days that I've taken Vyvanse. I predict that if I took it every day, I wouldn't see those effects.

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on Ask Rethink Priorities Anything (AMA) · 2020-12-21T02:53:40.390Z · EA · GW

Saulius, just wanted to comment that while I haven't devoted the time to read in detail most of your research, I have noticed and greatly appreciated that you have contributed a LOT of useful knowledge to EAA over the past several years. Yours is a name I've recognized in EAA since its early days. I am glad that you're shifting to express your opinions more strongly so that more action can be taken on all of the wonderful research you've contributed. I've gotten the sense that you take these issues very seriously, are super motivated to address them, and don't get pulled into more trivial things, and I greatly admire and am inspired by you for that.

Re (6), I hope that you can be proud of what you've done and decrease your negative self-talk. Take care of yourself. I'd be curious to hear if meditation ends up helping out with this.

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on ACE's Compensation Strategy · 2020-12-04T03:15:57.643Z · EA · GW

Hi Larks, Thanks for your comment. While our current formula does not take into consideration the type or field of work, it does differentiate between different levels of skill that are needed. So, for example, if we did want to hire someone to do data entry, we might classify that a level 1 position (or maybe we'd need to re-number all of our levels so that that position could be below research associates).

Regarding scarcity, it's true that our current formula does not take that into consideration. If we find in the future that we have difficulty hiring for a certain position, we may need to seek additional funding in order to raise the base wages for every position or else make adjustments to the structure of our formula.

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on Prepare for Counterfactual Donation Matching on Giving Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020 · 2020-11-30T16:00:24.626Z · EA · GW

Hey Jacob, not new this year. The EA GT team has done an email list at least the past 2 years, but I bet all 3 past years they were involved in the Facebook match.

This year we also have an option for pledgers to receive text reminders (U.S. phone #s only).

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on What organizational practices do you use (un)successfully to improve culture? · 2020-08-25T17:22:47.170Z · EA · GW

I'm not sure that the same set of behaviors/processes will be best for all organizations. At ACE, we did a "culture survey" (~staff morale survey, but broader) and got specific feedback about potential areas for improvement.

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on Who should give sperm/eggs? · 2020-02-08T07:13:09.574Z · EA · GW

Donating (selling) eggs can make someone a good amount of money, too. So it's also possibly a good idea for ETG reasons.

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on EA Survey 2017 Series: How do People Get Into EA? · 2017-11-21T23:42:55.226Z · EA · GW

Re: Table 7 and the sentences "As seen in Table 7, personal networking did not come out as the top source for actually getting people involved in EA, though it remains within the top five. Once introduced to EA, it would appear GiveWell, books and/or blogs, and 80,000 Hours are the three most potent ways to keep engage new EAs."

The Personal Contact # is higher than the 80k hours # in the table (442 > 423), so either the sentences or the table need to be corrected, I think.

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on Announcing the new EA Wiki! · 2017-09-09T13:10:09.318Z · EA · GW

I get the same thing.

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on EA Global 2017 Update · 2017-01-15T17:17:49.038Z · EA · GW

Is the Boston one different from this?

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on EA Global 2017 Update · 2017-01-10T12:36:38.047Z · EA · GW

Amy, are you involved with EAGx events at all? I've had trouble reaching people at CEA regarding EAGxMadison. If you are involved in that, and could email me at that'd be much appreciated! (And sorry this is off-topic; I didn't see a way to message you directly through the EA Forum.)

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on EA Global 2017 Update · 2017-01-10T12:33:47.277Z · EA · GW

Is there any reason this info isn't yet up at ? I know some other people were looking for info on EA Global this year...

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on [deleted post] 2016-03-09T02:52:11.431Z

Typo(s?) 7th full paragraph, not counting the bolded sentences

"However, it’s likely that people in the developing world will eat not eat as much meat as people in the developing world for quite some time and that some fraction of the meat they do eat will not come from factory farms."

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on Accomplishments Open Thread - March 2016 · 2016-03-09T01:53:12.577Z · EA · GW
  1. I co-founded the Effective Altruism Madison local group back in Oct 2014. We've had monthly meetups averaging 8 attendees per event (some regulars, some new people). Including my boyfriend and I, 6? of us at least have taken the Giving What We Can Pledge. I also encouraged my friend to coordinate an EA group at the local university here, and his group is off to a great start! (We also have a third EA group in the Madison area, at a large health tech company, that I can't take any credit for.)

  2. I founded and led a farmed animal committee for a local AR org almost 2 years, educating thousands of people about the cruelties of factory farming and giving them information about veg options. The org worked on a wide range of animal issues, but since farmed animal advocacy is considered most cost/time-effective, I worked to really strengthen and focus on that area.

  3. I'm the lead coordinator of Madison WI's veg fest, which more than doubled in size and drew over 4,000 attendees last year. (This event is also pro-veg advocacy and supporting those who are already veg.)

  4. Since 2011, I've donated over $45k to hopefully increasingly effective charities -- I believe my selections have gotten better each year.

(5. Way back in 2009 I helped my boyfriend, Ben West, figure out what he had to do to graduate college, which allowed him to earn lots of money at his job, which allowed him to save up and start a company, from which he hopes to donate a LOT to effective charities We continue to encourage each other to do the most we can.)

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on Working at EA Organizations Series: Animal Charity Evaluators · 2016-03-08T01:58:08.015Z · EA · GW

I think you meant for the "calculators" link to go here:

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on Why EA events should be (at least) vegetarian · 2015-11-13T18:28:40.881Z · EA · GW

All vertebrates have similar physiological pain receptors (, and it seems like there's only a (possible) significant difference in ability to feel pain when you get down to invertebrates, like insects.

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on EA risks falling into a "meta trap". But we can avoid it. · 2015-10-16T19:23:26.225Z · EA · GW

(Typo: "People aren’t attracted to marketing, their attracted to people doing a good job." -- should be "they're")

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on We might be getting a lot of new EAs. What are we going to do when they arrive? · 2015-04-16T19:08:28.161Z · EA · GW

Wasn't one of your suggestions to find small/unskilled work for EA volunteers to do, to see if they're ready for a bigger task? I think it'd defeat the purpose of getting EAs involved in a small way to just hire virtual assistants for unskilled work.

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on Four focus areas of effective altruism · 2015-01-12T20:55:25.050Z · EA · GW

Could you update the link to Effective Animal Activism to their new website & name, Animal Charity Evaluators, and their new top charities, The Humane League, Mercy for Animals, and Animal Equality?

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on A taxonomy of EA origin stories · 2015-01-12T20:36:43.119Z · EA · GW

Typo in Local Groups section? Showing 2 different numbers for TLYCS.

"78 through The Life You Can Save, 41 through 80,000 Hours, and 38 through The Life You Can Save"

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on The Choose-your-Charity Tax · 2015-01-12T14:18:12.191Z · EA · GW

I think how it works in the US is that you subtract the amount you donated (up to 50% of your income) from your income, and then the tax you pay is some percentage of that lowered income.

Example (over-simplified):

Income: $80,000 --> Taxes (15%): $12,000

Income: $80,000, Donations: $15,000 --> Taxable income: $65,000

--> Taxes (15% (or maybe you'd fall into a lower tax bracket)): $9,750

So in this example, even though you donated $15k, your taxes only went down by $2,250.

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on Productivity 101 For Beginners · 2014-12-23T20:05:48.123Z · EA · GW

I read through all the steps but haven't actually done more than step 1 yet (will do step 2 after Christmas when I'm back to a more normal week). I foresee getting stuck on Step 3, though. One of my goals was to do more activism things. This could involve tabling at festivals, leafleting, whatever else. It's not something that I would do on a regular basis on a free hour each day. If I find a free hour, I could possibly use that time to plan the activism things I'll do, but I imagine it'll be hard to not do that in the mix of the activism-related emailing and planning that I'm currently doing, and to set that aside to a specific time.

Maybe my mistake was that my goal isn't something I'm not doing currently, since it's an "I want to do more of this" type thing.


Comment by Gina_Stuessy on How I Raised $5010.32 for AMF and How You Can Too! · 2014-12-23T17:18:00.856Z · EA · GW

Great job! I'm going to encourage Ben to do this for his birthday in February (and then I'll try it again in August). Mind if we use your wording for the part about the bed nets? I wonder if Charity Science will always match bday fundraisers or if that's something just for the end of this year?

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on How I Raised $5010.32 for AMF and How You Can Too! · 2014-12-23T17:06:26.988Z · EA · GW

"I think it would have been smart to do the week before my fundraiser and the week after." - Do you mean the week before & after your birthday?

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on Shop for Charity: how to earn proven charities 5% of your Amazon spending in commission · 2014-12-12T23:00:44.351Z · EA · GW

For Amazon Smile, there are extensions to have it set up a redirect so that whenever you type in "" it goes to "". Is there something similar for this, or do I just have to always remember to use the link I bookmarked?

Is there a way, like in Amazon Smile, to designate the charity it goes to? Can any charity set up a "shop for charity" link like the ones you have for Charity Science?

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on Peter's Personal Review for July-Sep 2014 · 2014-11-09T21:32:53.030Z · EA · GW

(Typo: "Except results by the end of the month" -- should be "expect", right?)

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on [deleted post] 2014-10-30T13:09:05.568Z

Looking forward to it!

Correction: The meetup is starting at 10:30 am.

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on One month in - it's time for more introductions · 2014-10-13T00:10:03.104Z · EA · GW

I'm Gina, a software & applications engineer in Madison, WI. I'm also on the board of directors for a local animal rights & environmental protection group, Alliance for Animals and the Environment. Random fact: I used to do synchronized swimming in high school!

Comment by Gina_Stuessy on On 'causes' · 2014-06-28T19:37:00.000Z · EA · GW

My boyfriend Ben told me that this article is better understood after reading your previous article. Could you include a link to the previous article in the text of this one?