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This is a great post Julia. This helped me. I do a lot of volunteer work in my community and have been thinking about if I should give that up to attempt to devote more time to EA causes (even though I don't want to), but I really should not do this. Don't think I would be that effective with my extra time anyway, because something would be missing from my life. Much love.

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Aidan thank you so so much. It means a lot to hear back in detail like this from any EA people. I'm mostly out of any kind of direct contact with EA's (aside from reading articles/videos) so it's awesome to have any kind of conversation. Thank you for helping to expand my knowledge. I understand better how this is all estimated now, and the more I learn about GiveWell the more respect I have for them. Wow. It's intense to come up with conversions like what they are doing.

I did struggle a bit with the $586 number and how I phrased it:

1. I am aware that this is not enough to literally "save a life," as in from death. But, it is a life saved, as in the woman's life is suddenly saved from her physically, mentally, and socially injured life.

2. I am aware that although the $586 IS the average cost of a fistula surgery (at least according to the organization, but they are also vetted by The Life You Can Save and a bunch of others), there are overhead costs that may or may not be included in that number.

That being said, I did still stick to run with the $586 since it is the actual cost of the procedure and after-care, etc... and since if that woman did have that money and was near enough to the doctor, that WOULD be enough to "save her life." (Of course I also have to admit, that I do also like the jarring headline aspect.)

If you have any additional thoughts, def let me know. If not, thank you again!!!

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Yo Aaron thank you so so much for taking the time to reply to me with all this info!!! Super helpful!!!

I didn't know about Live Below the Line, that is great to know about. I'm going to look into what people have done with that before I attempt any other projects. Totally get the negative feedback around that idea, which is obviously related to my own take.

As for my quote "if you think this lifestyle is a little odd, you are out of touch with how most people in the world live" - I have to counter that I did have a tent and sleeping bag, thus was able to survive in below freezing temperatures. So I didn't mean that I was homeless or without shelter. I meant just that I had the basics. (Even though of course, I had more than the basics since this was just for a week, I live in a wealthy area, etc, etc.) That line was also somewhat me addressing just about everybody who thought I was being really weird for even attempting this idea... really it is how most people live (in a very general sense), so it's not THAT weird.

THANK YOU AGAIN. Any further thoughts def let me know. I suddenly love EA forum!!

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