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Comment by Guy Raveh on Announcing "Naming What We Can"! · 2021-04-02T09:53:42.328Z · EA · GW

Take that even further by changing to Mink Cat Astrophe.

Comment by Guy Raveh on Announcing "Naming What We Can"! · 2021-04-02T09:51:14.625Z · EA · GW

I think this could be slightly improved by noting the uniqueness of our Karma based system from others like Reddit, which is of course effectiveness.

Hence I propose the Ecosystem for Effective Karma, or in short, EEK.

Comment by Guy Raveh on Announcing "Naming What We Can"! · 2021-04-02T09:47:08.230Z · EA · GW

I would propose to unite all animal welfare orgs under one umbrella and call it HappyFarm.

Comment by Guy Raveh on CHOICE - Creating a memorable acronym for EA principles · 2021-01-07T18:03:09.513Z · EA · GW

I think the loss of the “Scientific Mindset” principle is compensated enough by adding “Cause Prioritization” and “Effectiveness” to the list of principles.

I disagree. I think these are part of the EA dogma but are not the same as having a scientific mindset.

I would maybe suggest SOCIAL:

Scientific mindset Openness Collaborative spirit Integrity ALtruism

Comment by Guy Raveh on Open and Welcome Thread: January 2021 · 2021-01-04T10:35:04.132Z · EA · GW

Hi, introducing myself :)

I'm an aspiring Israeli EA and fairly new to the forum. I'm doing my master's in machine learning and aiming to work in AI algorithms/safety/ethics (preferably all of them). Not really sure how to get there, so I'd be happy to talk to anyone who has advice.

I joined EA about 2-3 years ago, and I'm enthusiastic about our activity, though I think we should sometimes take our numerical calculations and moral framework with more humility. I volunteer in some projects in the Israeli community.

I am chronically ill, which I usually wouldn't tell someone in an introduction, but I feel discussion and representation of how disabled and chronically ill people can find their place in the EA community is lacking. Anyone who has thoughts on the matter, or wants to discuss personal experiences, is welcome to talk about this.

I am also a classical pianist, a great vegan cook, a chili pepper grower,  an amateur linguist and a founding member of NWWC (which you may not know about yet. spoilers!)

Comment by Guy Raveh on What are the "PlayPumps" of Climate Change? · 2020-12-05T17:46:20.215Z · EA · GW

I'd maybe give Solar Roadways as a possible example. I'm not sure, but I might have even donated to their crowdfunding campaign at the time.

Here are some edited quotes from the Wikipedia article, first about popularity:

In 2009, Solar Roadways received a $100,000... grant from the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT)... In 2011, Solar Roadways received a $750,000 SBIR grant from the DOT... In April 2014, the company started a crowdfunding drive at Indiegogo to raise money so they could get the product into production. The campaign raised 2.2 million dollars and became Indiegogo’s most popular campaign ever in terms of the number of backers it attracted... In December 2015, the USDOT announced that it had awarded Solar Roadways a Phase IIB SBIR contract to further their research. In 2016 they were given an additional $750,000.00.

And about results:

The first public installation was... on September 30, 2016. [It] generated... around ¼ kWh per day during their most productive month, August 2018. For comparison, a typical home solar panel produces 1.45 kWh per typical day.

In December 2018, Solar Roadways shut down [that installation] after some problems started to emerge. LEDs in certain colors started to fade unexpectedly, and snow caused problems for the heating elements because of the metal strips which cover the gap between the panels.

And criticism:

Journalist David Biello, writing in Scientific American, noted the difficulties of the project in dealing with material limitations, particularly in its choice of making the surface of the panels from... "a type of glass that does not yet exist."

Sebastian Anthony noted... that the cost to replace all roads in the United States with Solar Roadways panels would come to approximately $56 trillion... The USDOT announcement of Phase IIB funding in December 2015 mentioned that because the solar cells were still manufactured by hand, they were "very costly to produce".

Phil Mason... made a similar argument about cost, adding his doubts about traction on a glass surface... US Department of Transportation engineer Eric Weaver commented on Solar Roadways' safety tests, saying: "We can’t say that it would be safe for roadway vehicular traffic. Further field-traffic evaluation is needed to determine safety and durability performance."

Also from other sources:

After years of development and millions of dollars (including government funding), all of the solar roadways installed today do not produce cost-effective energy production. The roads are expensive and produce far less electricity than what could be produced if the money was used on a solar farm- or by simply placing them by the side of the road.