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Comment by Habiba on 80,000 Hours wants to talk to more people than ever · 2021-12-14T12:37:43.304Z · EA · GW

omg writing a comment adding another useful thing we can do = the best kind of positive feedback :P thank you! And I'm really pleased that helped!

And yes I think this is definitely another thing we try and do! It can be really helpful to have a call with someone who shares similar values with you especially when the things you're considering seem less familiar to friends / family. It's really quite a privilege to sometimes be the first person involved in the EA community that people speak to :)

I think that local EA group leaders / members can play a similar function. Though there's some nice complementarity - 80k is very keen to connect people up with folks in their local EA community too and I think groups can suggest folks chat to the 80k team.

Comment by Habiba on How EA Philippines got a Community Building Grant, and how I decided to leave my job to do EA-aligned work full-time · 2021-02-05T10:24:04.680Z · EA · GW

This is a very lovely read - the stories about EAG SF and getting the grant are so great! <3

Grateful to have a played a little role in this. Best of luck for the coming year and beyond! :)