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What makes for an ideal MIRI researcher? How would that differ from being an ideal person who works for DeepMind, or who does research as an academic? Do MIRI employees have special knowledge of the world that most AI researchers (e.g. Hinton, Schmidhuber) don't have? What about the other way around? Is it possible for a MIRI researcher to produce relevant work even if they don't fully understand all approaches to AI?

How does MIRI aim to cover all possible AI systems (those based on symbolic AI, connectionist AI, deep learning, and other AI systems/paradigms?)

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How about... just feeding the pet a vegetarian diet?

Dogs can thrive on such a diet - see for examples. One of the longest living dogs was even mostly a vegetarian ( ).

Cats would be harder (as they need supplemental taurine), but some evidence already shows that cats fed a vegetarian diet aren't deficient in taurine ( ).

There aren't many papers on this - this can be an area where further research/investigation is warranted (I wonder if they ask about diet on the Dog Aging Project, for example?)