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I see the question has been downvoted many times. But I can't understand why. Can someone (perhaps one of those who downvoted) please explain why?

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Just because a punishment is on the books doesn't mean it ever happens. I only know of one case (Randy Kehler) where the government even went so far as to take away his house. He went to jail for 6 months after he refused to promise never to return to his home. I think it was offered back to him a few years later and he refused it saying that the protest was not for his personal gain. ( )

According to NWTRCC, major punishments by the IRS (beyond simple attempts to collect by force) are rare.

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Policing and roads are primarily paid for by local taxes. Either way, the government will always be able to raise funding for the necessities. Even if we got to the point where everyone became a war tax resister, the government would, out of necessity, end their wars and torture and people would start paying taxes again.

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What do you think of the argument that one can give the money to charities that do the same things as government?

Also, do you think that fundamentally the vegan argument could be applied to taxes, only that in the latter case the taxes also go to good things and you can be punished for not paying? Or would you say they are fundamentally different in the sense that tax resistance doesn't actually save lives?

Or maybe, would you say veganism doesn't actually save animals either?